Will The Muslim Mosque At 9/11 Site Promote Religion Or Terrorism?

Is Obama advocating Muslim practices?

I’m with President Obama on the question of the ground zero mosque. Our country stands for freedom to practice religion. And that freedom includes the right to build religious structure in the United States.

I also agree with those who say that the mosque should not be so close to the site of that extraordinary American disaster. But then we can get into the debate about how close is too close to the World Trade Center site. In the United States legal system, you’re innocent until proven guilty. We cannot enforce laws based on motive. We cannot know what’s in the minds and hearts of any given person or group. We can only suspect.

Should we fear Muslims?

There is plenty of reason to suspect and fear the Muslim mindset. There is a reason why most of the terrorist are Islamic. The Quran and Sharia law have some disturbing tenants. Yes the case can be made that Islam is a religion of peace based on passages in the Koran. But other passages very clearly promote violence and the spread of Sharia law by any means necessary. That’s the jihad or struggle that the terrorists advocate.

Unlike other immigrants, the Muslims do not assimilate into society. Non-Muslims coming to the United States are grateful for the religious freedom and quietly practice their religions. Muslims in non-muslim countries endeavor to get the laws changed to accommodate Muslim practices. So one fear is the culture changes that the Islamic presence encourages.

Americans were shocked by the headline “New Jersey Judge Rules Islamic Sharia Law Trumps U.S. Law”. In a bit of journalistic double talk, New York governor, David Patterson was said to be advocating Shariah Law since he offered state property to the muslims group building the mosque. Not only did Patterson offer the Moslems land, but he gave Moslems a favored status that is not offered to Christian groups.

One disturbing fact that came out of the 9/11 tragedy investigation was that a number of the perpetrators were educated and trained in the United States with skills used to attack the USA. So another fear is that the Moslem community center, dubbed mosque, would become a terrorist training center. But that could be said for any Moslem building, whether at ground zero or not.

Yes, President Obama has been on a quest to apologize to and placate the Muslim world. But he is the president of the United States. And, he is a Christian and Christianity advocates peace, love, tolerance and forgiveness. President Obama advocates freedom and peace. Peace loving Muslims say it is a misinterpretation of the Quran to use the term “jihad” to mean a violent, or armed, struggle against non-believers, i.e. infidels. Nevertheless, there is cause to be concerned about the jihadist threat. Radical Islam embraces the violence.

How Radical Are The Ground Zero Mosque Muslims?

How radical these Muslims are would be interesting to know. And who is funding and supporting the building? Is it Al Qaeda? Does homeland security or other intelligence agencies have any facts to support the fear that the mosque would be promoting terrorism? If not, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr: “Let freedom ring”. We need to let them build.

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