Why Muslims Don’t Drink Alcohol

It is a documented indisputable fact that Muslims don’t drink alcohol. It’s haraam, forbidden. They don’t eat foods with fermentation alcohol, they don’t wear perfumes containing alcoholic ingredients and that they are from all sorts of intoxicating substances.This abstinence may be a command from God, the law maker for Muslims’ health and setting. However why else is alcohol haraam in Islam? Let’s take a glance.

Alcohol in Islam

Linguistically, khamr (خمر) Arabic for “wine” is alcohol derived from grapes. This is often what’s prohibited by specific texts of the Quran (see 5:90). So alcohol is unconditionally unlawful (haraam) and regarded impure (najis). Intense any quantity is unlawful, notwithstanding it doesn’t produce any inebriated effects.

The Prophet Muhammad of Islam same, “Intoxicants square measure from these 2 trees,” whereas inform to grapevines and date-palms. Alcohol derived from dates or raisins is additionally prohibited, once more no matter the quantity consumed, as explained on Islamic website Seekers steering.

At first, a general warning was given to forbid Muslims from attending prayers whereas in a very inebriated state (Quran, 4:43). Then a later verse was disclosed to Prophet Muhammad that same that whereas specifically alcohol had some healthful advantages, the negative effects of it outweighed the nice (Quran, 2:219).

Finally, “intoxicants and gambling” were known as “abominations of Satan’s work,” that warned folks with self-consciousness to not shrink back from God and dump prayer, and Muslims were ordered to abstain (Quran, 5:90-91).According to Islamic rulings and every one jurists` purpose of read, consumption of wine is proscribed and it’s one in every of the most important sins.

Not solely drinking wine is proscribed in Islam, however conjointly creating, shopping for and mercantilism it square measure proscribed.The main reason for the prohibition of wine may be a verse of the Holy Quran that says: “O you UN agency have faith! so wine, gambling, idols and therefore the divining arrows square measure abominations of Satan’s doing, thus avoid them, so you’ll be felicitous” (5:90).

So it’s obligatory for all Muslims to avoid drinking, making, selling, shopping for and even operating in places wherever they need to be in reference to alcohol or wine.Alcohol isn’t being inspired here. Though it’s same that there square measure smart sides thereto, the stress is on the dangerous effects.

Still it looks additional like associate degree recommendation to not drink as long as you don’t do your prayers drunk. we tend to perceive that reprove God with a triple-tongue is maybe not the best plan, however as long as you retain that in mind there isn’t a decent reason to selected for abstinence.

5 reasons why Muslims don’t drink alcohol:

1-Liquor clouds the intellect. Khams conjointly describes however alcohol consumption makes it troublesome to differentiate between right and wrong. Muslim religion is based on the intellect, rational thought and smart judgment. Something that might menace this behavior is proscribed, and one more reason why Muslims don’t drink.

2:It provides the incorrect message to kids. Sitting in a very eating place wherever alcohol is served isn’t a similar as drinking it. this is often why sharia has the flexibleness to mention if somebody must sit in such a eating place for a piece meeting or as a result of no different diners square measure on the market, he/she can, however shouldn’t sit at a table wherever alcohol is served.

3:Alcohol and prayer don’t combine. Prayer (salat) may be an elementary a part of the Muslim fashion, associate degree obligatory decision to God 5 times daily. A ritual eco “wudhu” (woo-dhoo) is important before the prayer that involves a water saving ritual to spiritually connect with setting, health and creation. The presence of alcohol within the same space doesn’t have an effect on the prayer, consistent with Islamic students.

4:it’s habit-forming. Even once the first Muslims recognized alcohol for its healthful uses, Prophet Muhammad likened the drink to a “disease”, spoken communication there’s no cure in things that God has proscribed. Just like the initial puff of a cigarette, it’s up to individual will-power to continue or stop drinking.

5:Alcohol makes one forget. Any intoxicating substance, whether or not it’s wine, beer, gin, booze or medicine, affects a person’s schools and behavior. The result’s a similar, and therefore the Quran outlines that it’s the intoxication-which makes one forgetful of God and prayer-that is harmful.

Muslims don’t drug

All intoxicants were created haraam in Islam’s non secular scripture at totally different times over an amount of years. Over the years, the list of intoxicating substances has return to incorporate additional fashionable street medicine and therefore the like.

Islam prohibits the utilization of narcotics noting that “every intoxicant is haraam (unlawful)”. ‘Recreational’ medicine became the social culture and despite non secular prohibitions, Muslims square measure even as liable to cannabis (marijuana), hashish, and therefore the purportedly seasoned ‘hukkah‘ (a tobacco smoking pipe).

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