What to do if I am unsure how much I prayed?

In the name of Supreme Being, the Gracious, the Merciful

At some purpose throughout prayer, our thoughts would possibly get lost we tend toad that we} become distracted from what we do. Then, we have a tendency to be unsure what percentage cycles (raka’at) we’ve prayed. What to try and do in such a situation?Usually, this happens throughout the last half of a prayer containing four raka’at.

During this case, we must always conjure the subsequent raka’at based mostly upon what we have a tendency to are certain we’ve already prayed. In alternative words, we must always assume we have a tendency to prayed the smallest amount of what we have a tendency to are sure that we have a tendency to prayed.Abu Sa’eed reported: The traveler of Supreme Being, peace and blessings be upon him, said.

If one among you doubts his prayer and doesn’t savvy a lot of he has prayed, whether or not 3 or four cycles (raka’at), then let him overlooked his doubt and touch what he’s sure of; then, perform 2 prostrations before he offers salutations of peace. If he had (mistakenly) prayed 5 cycles, the prostrations can build his prayer even. If he had prayed exactly four cycles, it’ll be humiliation for the Tempter.

An-Nawawi said:

Malik, Ash-Shafi’ee, and Ahmad, might Supreme Being be happy with them, yet because the majority aforementioned that once one has doubt in his prayer, whether or not he prayed 3 or four raka’at, one is needed to act based mostly upon what’s notable with certainty. Then, one completes the fourth raka’at and performs the prostrations of forgetfulness.

This resolution is predicated upon the Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) principle as declared by As-Suyuti:Certainty isn’t removed by doubt.For example, if you’re sure that you just prayed a minimum of 2 raka’at and you’re unsure if you’re in your third or fourth cycle, then certainty takes precedence and you must assume you’re within the third cycle.

Afterwards, you must perform 2 prostrations of forgetfulness (sujud al-sahwa) before ending the pray with the salutation of peace (al-taslim).The two prostrations of forgetfulness are the final approach of constructing up for a few deficiency or minor mistake within the prayer. It ought to be done before a worshiper stands from his or her sitting position.

Abu Huraira reported: The traveler of Supreme Being, peace and blessings is upon him, said:Verily, if one among you stands for prayer, the Tempter involves distract him till he doesn’t savvy several cycles he has performed. Once that happens to 1 of you, then let him perform 2 prostrations whereas he’s sitting.Even the Prophet (ṣ) became distracted or created minor mistakes within the prayer.

Thus he would conjure for it with the prostrations of forgetfulness.Abdullah ibn Mas’ud reported: The traveler of Supreme Being, peace and blessings is upon him, prayed with United States 5 raka’at. We said, “O traveller of Supreme Being, you other one thing to the prayer.” The Prophet aforementioned, “What is that?” They aforementioned, “You have prayed 5 raka’at.” The Prophet said:

Verily, I’m solely a personality’s being such as you. I keep in mind as you keep in mind and that i forget as you forget.Thereafter, the Prophet (ṣ) performed 2 prostrations for forgetfulness.If the Prophet (ṣ) became distracted occasionally, then what quantity additional seemingly is we have a tendency to become distracted?Hence, it’s necessary to understand this technique of correcting the prayer once we build inevitable mistakes in it.

If the error was caught before the top of the prayer, then the prostrations may be performed before prayer ends with the ultimate salutation of peace. If the error was caught once the prayer, however before standing and going away prayer, then it may be done before standing and therefore the final salutations of peace are given once more.

However, if a significant mistake is created, like fully forgetting one among the prayer’s integral components (i.e. forgetting to recite Surat al-Fatihah), then the prayer ought to be perennial.We raise Supreme Being to grant United States heedfulness, serenity, and reverence in prayer, and to forgive our mistakes and to guide United States to best ways in which of expiation.

Success comes from Supreme Being, and Supreme Being is aware of best.

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