What Is The Quran And Its True Meaning

The Quran signifies the entirety and the totality of the Muslims and that is to live, act, and speak a good, chastise, and obedient life especially to the commandments of Allah. It is their ultimate goal to live accordingly and gain salvation after death. The Quran speaks of truth, the chart of life, and the constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth.

The word is derived from the Arabic verb qara’a which means “he read” or “he recited”. However, the most important meaning of the word is the “act of reciting” based on the early Quranic passage: “It is for Us to collect it and to recite it.”

This is where the Muslims derive the teachings that organize both religious and daily affairs of their life. Encapsulated in this book are the documentation and stories of the Prophets and Messengers sent by Allah which discloses about what happened to them and the people from Adam to Muhammad.

It is said that the Quran is the last revelation of the word of God. Hence, this book is the primary and absolute source of each and every Muslim’s faith and practice. Basically, this Holy Book signifies the relationship between God and His children. Believers will learn wisdom, worship, the doctrines, the laws, and many more. Substantially, it entails the detailed teachings on how to have a just society, appropriate human behavior and conduct, and fair economic system.

The purpose of this truth is to inspire human kind to live a life of peace, happiness and love. Fundamentally, the words of Allah will take them out from darkness, hatred, anger, and hopelessness. Eventually bring people to the light and freedom of life. In return, those individuals who were renewed will manifest their act of worship by memorizing, reciting, and teaching what they have learned and experience to their brethren.

Ostensibly, it is the Muslim’s salvation. Each individual down to the next generation elicits their inspiration, strength, courage, and the will to live in this book. Just like any other religion, we use our faith to surpass the adversities of life, to keep going despite the rough roads that we encounter along our way, and to continue believing that at the end of every calamity there is tranquility. Those who believe in His word will be triumphant in the end.

The Quran is the most precious book of the Arabians. If you want to seek for truth, love, and salvation, then read, recite, memorize, and follow its teachings. It is guaranteed to make life gratifying and rewarding if you learn about the purpose of your life here on earth.

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