Treasuring the Noor of Allah

Allah (swt) didn’t need to try this. he’s our Khaliq, our leader – He could’ve same I created you, I place you on Earth, I Sent you Quran, I Sent you Nabi-e-Karim saw – currently, you’ve got hidaya, currently I’ll handle you on the Day of Judgment. That conjointly would’ve been adl; that would’ve conjointly been honest.

But, Supreme Being (swt) same, no – Yes, I actually have done all that however you’re not alone. Supreme Being (swt) same within the Quran:You are perpetually within the company of Supreme Being and Supreme Being (swt) is usually your Companion.Now, if you’ve got ever cosmopolitan during this world you may see that one issue is to create a journey alone and one issue is to possess a companion.

You may see it’s a world of a distinction. So, are you able to imagine Supreme Being (swt) UN agency has given USA the gift of His ma’eeyat that he’s our Companion during this world? That he’s our Companion in Hayat-ud-Dunya – His ma’eeyat; His Qurb; His AqrabeeyatThat means he’s most close to you.I’m your Companion; I’m close to you; I’m near-most to you.

Therefore, we have a tendency to be speculated to build it two-ways that Ya Allah! Okay, I conjointly feel all the time that I’m in Your Company. I conjointly build myself feel Qareeb to You, Your Hukm; Your Command.Your Will; Your Wish; Your Ridaa; Your Pleasure – You same you’re aqrab to Maine – well, I’ll be aqrab to Deen; I’ll be aqrab to Sunnah; i’ll be aqrab to Your Raza.

Therefore really, all of Deen is to create this unidirectional love Supreme Being (swt) has for USA – to create it two-way.To become actuality, loyal, loving, docile servant and slave and docile lover of Supreme Being (swt) – that Supreme Being (swt) UN agency already loves USA. many of us, they suppose that turning into the mehboob of Supreme Being (swt) is that the finish the intehaa of Deen.

Being the Mehboob of Supreme Being (swt) is that the starting of Deen. Supreme Being (swt) Says in Quran.Allah (swt) could’ve same yuhibboonahu American state yuhibbuhum that they love Supreme Being and Supreme Being loves them however no, once it involves work – you are doing work first:And those UN agency try for USA – we’ll sure as shooting guide them to our ways that.

And indeed, Supreme Being is with the doers of fine.You will try in our path; we’ll send hidaya to you.Remember Maine, I’ll keep in mind you.You will build zikr of Maine, Supreme Being (swt) Says i’ll build Zikr of you.“Well-pleased and pleasing to Him.” You may be happy with Maine then Supreme Being is going to be happy with you.But, once it came to like Supreme Being (swt) modified the order in Qur’an.

Here once He wished to say His love He same, a people He can love and UN agency can love Him.Allah (swt) loves them 1st and that they love Supreme Being (swt) second.Means simply by – and it’s therefore straightforward to know – does one suppose we might have this Iman if we have a tendency to weren’t mehboob of Supreme Being (swt)? Is it not, this itself, the best act of affection that Supreme Being (swt) Gave USA iman.

What did Maine and you are doing to earn this iman? We have a tendency to be mustahiq of this iman – simply Gracing USA – this can be referred to as tawfeeq; His Fazl; Karam; Inaya – and Supreme Being (swt) same specifically that in Quran.Allah (swt) is that the Wali of these UN agency believe – currently, you may see in such a big amount of places in Quran, Supreme Being (swt) Says.

Magar jab Supreme Being (swt) apni dosti Hindu deity tazkara; apni muhabbat Hindu deity tazkara fermana chahein to amal Hindu deity shart chor DIA. once Supreme Being (swt) wished to say His Love, He didn’t build that the condition that to possess iman and help deeds –a’amaal-us-Salih-Allah (swt) becomes their Friend, No!

Supreme Being is that the ally of these UN agencies believes.Supreme Being is that the Wali of this UN agency have iman – in truth directly afterward Supreme Being (swt) created it clear that they’re not doing amal-us-Saalihaat, they’re doing zulumaat.He brings them out from darkness’s into the sunshine. Supreme Being (swt) takes them out! They’re darkly however they need iman – they’re in sin, however they need iman.

They’re in depression, however they need iman they’re lazy however they need iman, they’re wide however they need iman.That whoever has iman in Supreme Being, Supreme Being (swt) Himself, directly, in person Sends hidaya on to their Qalb – Direct.Al-Hadi: Supreme Being (swt) is usually causing hidaya. You and Maine don’t notice this; we have a tendency to don’t extremely perceive Qur’an.

It virtually suggests that each single second that you just have iman, even though you’ve got one faint drop of iman! Supreme Being (swt) is usually causing His hidya on our heart! All the time! Twenty four hours – all the time. A bit like these days they need the signals. Without delay during this area, signals area unit on all the time; such a big amount of radio channels and signals area unit gift within the air.

The wave’s area unit there all the time therefore it’s simple to know. Supreme Being (swt) sends the waves of His Hidayah on the religious heart of someone. Here also, Supreme Being (swt) didn’t build the other condition, Supreme Being (swt) didn’t say: “Mann Yu’min Billahi American state Amala Amalan Sualihan”. No. He said:And whoever believes in Supreme Being – He can guide his heart.

Just that they had Imaan, That’s it. Supreme Being (swt) sends Hidayah on their hearts. This can be conjointly a kind of Zikr. You ought to simply walk around all the time, making an attempt to recollect this. Cue your heart regarding Supreme Being (swt), cue your heart that Supreme Being (swt) is causing Hidayah in my heart. Place the receiver on; and also the transmitter is usually on. Keep it on.

Feel this Hidayah, its returning all the time.And ever is He, to the believers, Merciful.Allah (swt)’s mercy is returning all the time, Supreme Being (swt)’s Fazal, Karam is returning all the time on each single heart. Literally, you’ll be able to imagine that folks have those red laser-lights and that they have targeted laser-light like heat seeking.

A bit like that, imagine that on each Qalb of each person during this musjid without delay, a light-weight is returning. That’s specifically what’s happening. Each single one among USA gets this Noor of Hidayah all the time.Now are you able to imagine, in any case of that, still someone says: I don’t feel qareeb to Supreme Being SWT. I feel bared, I feel distant from Supreme Being SWT.

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