The Significance and Importance of Negation in the Beginning of Kalima Or Shahada in Islam

The following paragraphs elucidate the significance and importance of using the Arabic word LA (LA in Arabic meaning Negation) in the beginning of a Kalima in Islam. The Shahada forms the basis of one’s acceptance of Islam, and it is mandatory and obligatory for a Muslim.

The part of the Kalima is ‘LA ILAHA ILLALAH’ (There is No GOD but ALLAH). The contention is to understand the most important point the use of “Negation” in the beginning of Kalima. It’s meaning and context in a Kalima or Shahada plays a pivotal role in comprehending the reality of Allah. It will also substantiate the creational concept and reality. Therefore, the negation forms the cardinal point in a Kalima or Shahada.

In order to understand and evaluate the meaning and use of negation in the Kalima, we should philosophically and logically analyse it. We can achieve our objective, if we sincerely appreciate its necessity and importance. We must make efforts to understand the structural meaning of the word Negation (LA) in the beginning of the Kalima.

Any variation from its intended meaning and context will lead to literal meaning. Hence it becomes illusive and inconclusive. The meaning and concept of Kalima will have positive effect on an individual when its context reveals its significance and importance.

The understanding of structural concept and context in which it is revealed can be achieved if clarity of mind and right mindset is willing to accept. The following enumerations will substantiate the negation in the Kalima. Sheikh Mukhtar Ali says, “There are three stages to understand the use of negation in a Kalima; the Takhliyah, the Tahliyah and the Tajliyah”. It is, therefore, necessary to think seriously rather than casually.

The sincerity will force an individual to come to terms and follow the straight path. Its importance and reasons of inclusion in Kalima at the beginning are profound, judicious and prudent. Hence every individual should try to understand it unequivocally. It will guide him towards the right path and opens many vistas of knowledge. This will make him understand the real meaning of “LA ILAHA ILLALAH”

We shall explore the above specified three stages to understand its meaning and evaluate in the context in which it is used.

(A)Takhliyah, it means the release, discharge, free, liberate, emptying and purification as expressed in seeking forgiveness.

(B) Tahliyah, it means filling and adorning, as expressed in recitation with tongue and making the heart as the peripheral receptacle of comprehending the actual meaning and concept of Allah, at the outset.

(C) Tajliyah, it means witnessing the nuances of recitation Zikr, the remembrance. It means attaining knowledge; Allah is the Creator, Merciful and Beneficent.

The Holy Quran substantiates the Tajliyah in the following Ayat, “So set you (O Muhammad SAW) your face towards the religion of pure Islamic Monotheism Hanifa (worship none but Allah Alone) Allahs Fitrah (i.e. Allahs Islamic Monotheism), with which He has created mankind.

No change let there be in Khalqillah (i.e. the Religion of Allahs Islamic Monotheism), that is the straight religion, but most of the men know not.” (Al- Quran: [030:030] Tafsir AtTabaree)

Furthermore, prior to understanding Negation in Kalima, it is obligatory for understanding the meaning of man. Sheikh Fadullah Haeri says, “For Science to have been meaning man must become the measure and that measure is the meaning of Man.

The purpose of creation is to know Allah in this time Zone.”Analysing clarification on the subject of Fitrah and understanding the meaning of Man, who is exploring the purpose of creation, thus reflects transparency and clarity. Therefore, it becomes an irreversible deduction in terms of Creator and His creation.

Now going back to the above specified three stages of understanding Negation in Kalima, it will become clear and comprehensible subject to objective deductions. In the first stage, the Negation requires the human being to disassociate from all materialistic attachments and return to Fitrah of Allah.

The second stage requires him to recite the Zikr, the remembrance. At the outset, your heart becomes the peripheral receptor of meaning of Allah and comprehending its creation. The last stage is the witnessing the nuances of recitation of Zikr and belief in Creator and His Creations. Here it is important to remember frequently by reciting Zikr with knowledge. (In Arabic it is called Ma’Arifat means knowledge)

It is obligatory on human beings to distance from the worldly and material attachments to comprehend Allah and meaning of creation. This article’s synopsis may be deficient in justifying the explanation substantially.

However, it may compel the human beings to think about these lines and evolve constructive conclusion. Therefore, objective assessment and meaningful dialogues among themselves and with the group of like minded people can produce positive and dramatic results. At this crucial juncture, it is advisable to avoid confrontation, within or outside the context of issue of Negation in Kalima.

Otherwise, the confrontation will certainly turn into a fiasco. The main issue will be relegated in the back attracting undesirable arguments leading to chaos and confusion. It is also advised that we should avoid arguments, instead initiate dialogues and encourage meaningful discussions.

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