The Muslims will Split into Seventy three Sects

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful

Sectarianism and inclination are among the worst sins in Islam. The faith was discovered and presented upon humanity to supply principles for mutual respect, cooperation, and brotherhood between completely different tribes, countries, and nations. After we observe the faith because it ought to be, it’ll result in bigger unity inside a diversity of individuals.


On the contrary, after we combine the faith with ungenerous needs, worldly ambitions, and content it’ll result in disagreement, denominationalism, and even violence. God has goddamn people who use the faith as a way to divide individuals, as they need nothing to try and do with Islam and are on the verge of falling into idolatry.

Allah said:

Hold firmly to the rope of God all at once and don’t become divided.And God said:Verily, people who have divided their faith and become sects, you’ve got nothing to try and do with them. Their affair is merely left to God, then He can inform them regarding what they accustomed do.And God said:Turn in self-reproach, be mindful, and establish prayer. Don’t be among people who commit idolatry.

People who divided their faith and have become sects, every party rejoicing in itself.We know from the history of alternative religions besides Islam that cacophonic into sects is catastrophe. The Muslims can split within the same means, apart from people who adhere to the religious path of the Prophet, the companions, and also the righteous predecessors.

Ibn Kathir comments on these verses, saying:The followers of alternative religions before U.S.A. differed in their opinions and false sects. Every faction among them notional they were onto one thing. This nation will dissent thanks to false ascriptions and every sect is misguided apart from one. they’re the individuals of the vatical tradition and united community (Ahlu path wal Jama’ah).

People who bond to the book of God and also the tradition of the courier of God, peace and blessings be upon him, and what was left by the primary generation of companions, their followers, and also the leaders of the Muslims within the early and latter times.The Prophet abreast of U.S.A. that the Muslims would split into even additional sects than previous nations.

Abu Huraira reported: The courier of God, peace and blessings is upon him, said:The Jews were split into seventy one or seventy 2 sects, and also the Christians were split moreover. My nation can split into seventy 3 sects.Afw ibn leader reported: The courier of God, peace and blessings is upon him, said:The Jews were split into seventy one sects and one in every of them is in Paradise and seventy are within the Hell.


The Christians were split into seventy 2 sects and seventy one are within the Hell and one in every of them is in Paradise. By the one in whose hand is that the soul of Muhammad, my nation can split into seventy 3 sects and one in every of them is in Paradise and seventy 2 are within the Hell.It was same, “O courier of God, WHO are those in Paradise?” The Prophet said:

They are the united community.And in another narration, the Prophet said:They are people who follow my means and my companions.The “united community” (al-jama’ah) ar people who follow the vertical traditions (hadith) moreover as understanding the principles of law (fiqh) and also the alternative relevant Islamic sciences.At-Tirmidhi said:The means of the united community in step with the student’s are the individuals of jurisprudence.

Specifically, they’re people who adhere to the creed, manners, and principles of the 3 main faculties of Islamic theology: the Athari, the Ash’ari, and also the Maturidi. Every of those faculties take the creed of Mohammedan At-Tahawi as Associate in nursing authoritative statement of theology. They agree on the basics of Islam, whereas they solely disagree on the interpretation of some secondary matters.

The individuals of the vertical tradition and united community (Ahlu path wal Jama’ah) ar 3 groups: the Athari whose leaders is Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, the Ash’ari whose leader is Abu Hasan al-Ash’ari, and also the Maturidi whose leader is Abu Mansur al-Maturidi… a number of the students same they’re the saved sect, the individuals of vertical traditions, the Athari, the Ash’ari, and also the Maturidi.

In alternative words, the united community follows the heritable gift of the Prophet, his companions, and also the righteous students. They bear upon the knowledge of the vertical traditions, whereas understanding them in light-weight of the philosophy methodology and principles derived by the students. Once applicable, they apply the values, principles, and their ethical reasoning to search out Islamic solutions to new social issues.

There are 2 main causes for individuals to interrupt off from the united community. First, there are people who abandon the intellectual gift, like the violent Kharijites, that leads them to rag alternative Muslims within the name of non secular reform. These are the spiritual innovators, those who amendment the faith and forestall individuals from active it because it ought to be. Second, there are people who foment aggression and hate between Muslims for a few worldly or political finish.

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