The Marvel of Positive Thinking in Islam

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful

Our thoughts have a robust ability to work out our feelings and emotional states and ultimately have an effect on however we have a tendency to behave, for higher or worse. Islam teaches U.S.A. to direct the act reflection (tafakkur), or deep thought, towards the signs of God, the names and attributes of God, to his blessings and wonders, to hope within the Hereafter, and to optimism. By dominant our thought processes in a very positive manner.

We are able to increase the effectiveness of our prayers and worship further as relieve ourselves from the anger, depression, and anxieties that worldly thoughts induce.Contrary to well-liked belief, we’ve got management over those thoughts we decide to follow. we have a tendency to might not have a selection over that explicit thought happens at the start in our minds at a given time, however we have a tendency to do have a option to either ignore it or pursue it.

Our voluntary thoughts are nothing over inward statements. Hence, the rule is that we must always solely interact sensible thoughts or keep our minds silent.Whoever believes in God and therefore the day let him speak goodness or stay silent.Sometimes Lucifer can throw evil suggestions into our minds. These suggestions haven’t any power over U.S.A. unless we decide to act on them. If we have a tendency to follow AN evil or negative train of thought, then it’ll lead U.S.A. to a terrible finish.

Thus, after we realize ourselves fixed in a very dangerous line of thinking, we’d like to right away replace these negative thoughts with positive inward statements to cancel their effects.Follow a nasty deed with an honest deed and it’ll erase it.Positive thoughts are those who turn out sensible feelings, good deeds, and peace of mind, gratitude, tranquility, happiness, and alternative positive emotional states.

These are truthful thoughts regarding God, hope within the Hereafter.The prophets, our blessings, good deeds, and so on. They turn out knowledge and enlightenment within the heart.Negative thoughts are those who turn out dangerous feelings, anger, envy, jealousy, hatred, anxiety, depression, and alternative negative emotional states. These are thoughts regarding the globe, our wealth, our status, individuals we have a tendency to don’t like or WHO have wronged U.S.A., and so on.

The explanation for these thoughts is AN attachment to the delusions of worldly and materialistic life that cloud the center and forestall its purification.Thought upon the globe may be a veil over the Hereafter and a penalization for the individuals. Thought upon the Hereafter produces knowledge and life within the heart. Whoever appearance to the globe as his guardian can return to simply accept its delusions.

Not all thoughts regarding the globe are evil. Puzzling over one thing God blessed U.S.A. with within the world is nice. and that we have a requirement to require care of our worldly affairs, meet our work obligations, pay our bills, fulfill our trusts, and so on. We must always accept this stuff in up to now as they’re necessary and helpful.For example, we have a tendency to may have to accept.

However we have a tendency to are about to complete a piece project. However maybe at work somebody same a mean word to U.S.A. or did one thing to harass U.S.A… If we have a tendency to perpetually dwell upon that negative interaction, it’ll solely cause hurt to U.S.A. and turn out no profit. It AN surplus worldly thought and will be unemployed.In fact, a tread the road to excellence in Islam is learning to accept solely those things that ought to concern U.S.A…

Verily, a part of perfection in Islam is for an individual to go away what doesn’t concern him.The most helpful remedy is that you simply preoccupy yourself with thoughts of what ought to concern you and not those who mustn’t concern you. Puzzling over what doesn’t touch you is that the door of each evil. Whoever reflects upon what doesn’t concern him, and then he can miss what will concern him.This means busying ourselves with worldly thoughts solely to the extent necessary.

Additionally learning to not worry regarding matters on the far side our circle of influence or management. If we have a tendency to perpetually worry or get upset by things we have a tendency to cannot amendment, which will take our attention far from what we are able to amendment.After understanding the results of positive and negative thoughts, we have a tendency to then have to be compelled to direct our thought processes towards positive trains of thought and learn to dismiss negative thoughts before they take U.S.A. into a downward spiral.

Several of the Prophet’s companions thought-about the ability to direct thought in a very positive means because the enlightenment of true religion.I detected from over one or 2 or 3 of the companions of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, that they same the radiance or lightweight of religion is in reflection.Thinking about the blessings of God is itself AN act of worship that results in feeling, happiness, and happiness.

It takes no important effort from U.S.A. and nonetheless it produces nice ends up in our lives.Speaking in remembrance of God the Exalted is nice; nonetheless thought upon the blessings of God is that the best act of worship.All of this points to the actual fact that the believers ought to be optimistic and not bearish or misanthropically.

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