Ten Major Signs of the Last Day – Has One Just Occurred

LAST DAY suggests that LAST AGE

The term ‘Last Day’ truly stands for the ‘Last Age’, or the age which might culminate within the finish of history—when actuality Messiah, Jesus, the son of female parent (not son of God), would come back to rule the globe from capital of Israel with justice and ‘eternal’ rule. It might be ‘eternal’ within the sense that history would finish therewith event. Life on earth on the far side that event, and once Son dies an individual’s death and is buried next to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Supreme Being Most High be upon them both) in Madinah, wouldn’t qualify as history.

This is able to be therefore since the trendy lay rope would have reached its predictable finish in total godlessness, and with such a resultant collapse of morals, and of ethical consciousness, that individuals would forget their human standing and “would have interaction in gender publicly like donkeys”. Already it’s quite clear (particularly at the time of Trinidad’s Carnival) that we have a tendency to area unit quite near the fulfillment of that ominous prophecy created by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

So much therefore then, for the spurious claims of the eyed monotheism Western culture and its ‘colored house slaves’ round the world. They claim that human race is witnessing new progress, that the current is that the better of all ages that the globe keeps on growing higher and higher, which trendy Western culture has rendered all previous civilizations, as well as Islam, moribund and obsolete.

So much so, then, for the native eyed ‘house slave’ here in my native island of island United Nations agency insists that Muslims should stay an area of ‘mainstream society’ -even once that thought is heading for the hell-fire.When a ship is sinking and you can’t stop it from sinking, you have got to urge off that ship, and urge others similarly to try and do therefore. The ship of the globe is currently sinking.

The proof is all around America as plainly visible as daylight! However those that area unit blind cannot see that the ship is sinking. They use their checkbooks, or the barrels of their guns, to impose themselves round the world as leaders. The blind then lead the blind till all area unit lost and can be submerged just like the folks of patriarch (peace be upon him).


Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Supreme Being Most High be upon him) prophesied of the Last Age that People would follow the way of life aside from mine, and provides steering aside from mine”…“I worry for my folks solely the leaders United Nations agency lead men astray”…“Before the Last Hour there’ll be nice liars, therefore watch out for them”…“When the foremost wicked member of a tribe becomes its ruler, and also the most chaffy member of a community becomes its leader, and a person is revered through worry of the evil he could do, and leadership is given to people that area unit undeserving of it, expect the Last Hour”.

All of those warnings have already been dramatically and ominously consummated. Round the world nowadays, with however few exceptions, and even here in my native Caribbean Island of island, people, as well as Muslims, currently have the worst leaders. This ominous sign of the day has come back to pass, nevertheless there are a unit such a big amount of United Nations agency don’t, or cannot see, and that they blindly rush as dumb kine to endorse or to follow such leaders for private gain, or fear, or thanks to sheer ignorance; • “Women would prepare their hair to appear just like the hump of a camel”, and this sign has already occurred, we have a tendency to see it every day.

Women would dress like men”, and that we already see them nowadays with trousers, jacket and, perhaps, a tie; and “women would be dressed and nevertheless be naked”, and this prophecy, also, is currently consummated. once ladies parade publicly “dressed, yet naked”, as they are doing nowadays, and once Muslims cannot stop such, they must then ask for to escape from such thought society instead of to stay {a partial neighborhood an area unite a district a region a locality vicinity section} of it till the ladies are totally naked and “donkey-like” gender is on public show. If they unwisely like better to stay an area of such corrupt and decadent society then they or their kids would eventually be ruined by such a society.

Men would dress like women”, and already this sign conjointly has come back to pass. Virtually nobody will tell that ‘she’, the questionable ‘cross dresser’, is de facto a man;

Sex (and lesbianism) would become commonplace, which is currently happening before our terribly eyes. Social acceptance and legal protection for this abominable sex is gaining ground. So those that bind to the divine prohibition of such sex area unit currently demonized as people that suffer from a unwellness known as ‘homophobia’;

Kids born outside of wedding would become commonplace, actually wedding itself currently looks destined to become obsolete;

Fornication and extramarital sex would become commonplace, that, also, seems to own already been consummated in an exceedingly nowadays during which condition and married fidelity have become old-fashioned;

Disparity in balance of men and ladies to such associate extent that “one man would need to maintain (not marry) fifty women”, that’s nevertheless to occur however can be coupled to the impact on male sperm cell production of such things as environmental pollution and genetically changed food;


Hudhayfah bin Usayd Ghaghara, the companion of the Prophet, said,

“Allah’s courier came to America all of a sudden as we have a tendency to were (busy in an exceedingly discussion). He asked: What area unit you discussing? (The Companions) replied: we have a tendency to area unit discussing (the subject of) the Last Hour. Therewith he said: it’ll not come back till you see 10 signs.

And (in this connection) he created a mention of the ‘smoke’, ‘Dajjal’, the ‘beast’, the ‘rising of the sun from the west’, the ‘descent of Son of Mary’, ‘Gog and Magog’, ‘sinkings of the planet in 3 places, one within the east, one within the west and one in Arabia’ at the top of that ‘fire would burn forth from Yemen, and would drive folks to the place of their assembly’ (i.e., the place wherever human race are assembled for judgment).”(Sahih Muslim)

Here, then, area unit the 10 major Signs of the day as prophesied by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Supreme Being Most High be upon him):

  • Dajjal — the false Messiah or Anti-Christ,
  • Gog and Magog,
  • Smoke,
  • The beast of the planet or land (most seemingly the holy land),
  • The sun would rise from the west,
  • 3 sinking’s of the planet
  • One within the east
  • One within the west
  • And One in Arabian Peninsula,
  • A hearth would set out of Yemen and would drive folks to their place of assembly (for judgment),
  • The son of female parent would descend. Though these signs weren’t given by the blessed Prophet (peace and blessings of

Allah Most High be upon him) in their written account order of prevalence I actually have created an attempt to place them in this order, with those that haven’t up to now occurred at rock bottom of the list. However did I make the on top of order? We all know from the prophecies of the blessed Prophet that the third major ‘sinking of the earth’, i.e., the one that might occur in Arabian Peninsula, would swallow a military that might be heading south to Makkah.

That army would air its thanks to attack Islamist al-Mahdi, the descendent of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Supreme Being Most High be upon him). it had been prophesied that he would restore the Moslem Caliphate (or Moslem model of a state) within the Arabian Peninsula. it’s subsequently sign has occurred (i.e., the third major earthquake) that the son of female parent would descend from the sky along with his hands resting on the wings of 2 angels, and would kill Dajjal the False Messiah or Anti-Christ.

The Qur’an itself has delineated Son (i.e., the comeback of Jesus) because the ‘ilm (which here suggests that the terribly key to the subject) of the Last Hour.And he (i.e., Jesus) shall be a proof (for the approaching of) the Hour (of Judgment): thus haven’t any doubt regarding the (Hour), however follow me: this can be a Straight manner.”(Qur’an, Zukhruf, 43:61)

It follows that his come back should come back chronologically at the top of the list. we have a tendency to conjointly apprehend that the ‘fire’ from Yemen would follow the third earthquake. so currently that it seems that the main earthquake within the East has occurred, we have a tendency to look four a lot of major signs that also stay to occur. Once did the primary six ‘major’ signs occur?


I have argued in my book, ‘Jerusalem within the Qur’an – associate Moslem read of the Destiny of Jerusalem’, that Dajjal the False Messiah or Antichrist was discharged into the globe within the time period of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Supreme Being Most High be upon him). He has already completed the primary stage of his mission that lasted for “a day sort of a year”, and is near to complete the second stage that lasts for “a day sort of a month”.

The third and last stage of his mission (of impersonation of actuality Messiah) that might last for simply “a day sort of a week” would, I believe, start once Israel replaces USA because the ruling state of the globe. Which would occur once Israel wages an enormous war that might lead to dramatic territorial enlargement “from the stream of Egypt to the stream Euphrates”? Israel would then seize management of the Suez Canal and every one the oil of the Arabian Gulf.

By the top of that third stage, Dajjal the false Messiah or Antichrist would are born into the globe of Judaic oldsters, would have up to become ruler of Israel and, hence, would have completed his mission to rule the globe from capital of Israel. And Supreme Being is aware of best!

An entire chapter of the book is dedicated to explaining the topic of Dajjal. I’m currently writing a quartet of books on Surah al-Kahf of the Qur’an, and one in all the four books would be entirely dedicated to a comprehensive clarification of the topic of Dajjal, the false Messiah or Anti-Christ in Islam Insha Supreme Being.


I have conjointly argued in my book that Gog and Magog were discharged into the globe within the time period of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Supreme Being Most High be upon him). The Qur’an itself has created mention (Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:94-5) of a ‘town’ that was destroyed by Supreme Being Most High, and also the folks of the city expelled, then illegal from returning to reclaim their city till Gog and Magog weren’t solely discharged however, also, had opened up (around the world) altogether directions.

“But there’s a ban on a city that we’ve got destroyed: that they (the folks of the city) shall not come back (to reclaim that town as their own); till Gog and Magog area unit let through (their barrier), and that they fleetly opened up in each direction (replicating themselves amongst all the peoples of the world).”(Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:95-96)

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