Surprising Similarities Between Muslims and Christians

There square measure some well-known variations between Muslims and Christians. Muslims study the holy religious writing, don’t believe Christ was divine or that He died on the cross and don’t buy the Trinity construct from the Council of Nicea. Christians don’t acknowledge Muhammad (pbuh) as a prophet, don’t celebrate Moslem holidays, and have totally different days of worship than Muslims. That said, there square measure a minimum of seventeen shocking similarities between the Moslem and Christian faiths.

God the daddy

Muslims and Christians worship only 1 God and believe all square measure youngsters of Him


Both religions revere the first prophets as well as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Joseph, John the Baptist and even Christ (Peace be upon them.).

The Bible

Christians square measure at home with the Bible, however Muslims conjointly believe the Bible to be Holy Writ to that degree because it is translated properly and doesn’t contradict the religious writing.


Both Muslims and Christians believe that active their religion is nice for them in person currently, creates peace and harmony among individuals, and brings blessings within the life once mortality.


People of each faith believe similar rules given by God for all individuals and obeying them keeps humans in a very right relationship with God.


Both Muslims and most Christians believe The Virgin was a virgin which Christ was born miraculously.Christianity and Islam dissent in their elementary views in reference to the God they worship, the character of their faith, their beliefs concerning the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Christians believe that Christ is that the Son of God. Most Christians square measure Trinitarian.

And believe that Christ is divine and also the solely flesh embodiment of the being of the One True God. Christianity teaches that Christ was condemned to death by the Sanhedrin and also the Roman administrator Pontius Pilate, crucified and resurrected, as per the Gospel narratives. Christians believe Christ was divine and innocent.

Islam teaches that Christ was one in all the foremost vital prophets of Allah. Muslims don’t believe that he was the Son of God, or that he’s divine or a part of a multiple God. In Islam, Christ was an individual’s prophet WHO, like all the opposite prophets, tried to bring the kids of Israel to the worship of 1 God. Muslims believe the creation of Christ was the same as the creation of Adam (Adam).

Muslims and Christians each believe that Christ was born to Maryām/Mary, a virgin.

Muslims contend that Christ argued against division of God’s identicalness. Christians don’t see the Trinity as implying any division which Christianity follows God’s command to own no alternative gods from the will.Christians argue that the New Testament, significantly the Gospel of John, contains or is targeted on the Trinity which Christ created many implicit and express claims to be the Son of God.

Muslims believe that the Qur’an was verbally disclosed by God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (Jibril), bit by bit over a amount of roughly twenty three years, starting on twenty two Dec 609, once Muhammad was forty, and final in 632, the year of his death.

Muslims regard the Qur’an because the most vital miracle of Muhammad, a signal of his prophethood,and also the fruits of a series of divine messages that started with the messages disclosed to Adam and concluded with Muhammad. They think about the Qur’an to be the sole disclosed book that has been protected by God from distortion or corruption.

Muslims revere Muhammad because the embodiment of the proper believer and take his actions and sayings as a model of ideal conduct. In contrast to Christ, WHO Christians believe was God’s son; Muhammad was a mortal, albeit with extraordinary qualities. These days several Muslims believe that it’s wrong to represent Muhammad; however this wasn’t forever the case.

The first recorded comment of a Christian reaction to Muhammad may be dated to solely a number of years once Muhammad’s death. As stories of the Arab prophet unfold to Christian Asian country, associate degree recent man WHO was asked concerning the “prophet WHO has appeared with the Saracens” responded: “He is fake, for the prophets don’t come back armed with a weapon.”

The Trinity

The ism of the Trinity states that God could be a single being WHO exists, at the same time and evermore, as a communion of 3 distinct persons, the Father, the Son and also the Holy Ghost. In Islam such plurality in God could be a denial of theism, and so a sin of shirk,that is taken into account to be a serious ‘al-Kaba’ir’ sin.

The Holy Spirit

Christians and Muslims even have differing views on the Holy Ghost. Christians believe that the Holy Ghost is God (or someone therein), and also the Paraclete named within the Gospel of John, WHO was manifested on the day of Pentecost.In Islam, however, the Holy Ghost is usually believed to be the angel Gabrieland also the respect to the Paraclete could be a prophecy of the approaching of Muhammad.


The main stress within the Bible (the recent Testament) is on Jew because the Messiah that was secure and his miracles. However, one would be shocked to grasp that Christ is additionally one in all the foremost vital prophets within the Moslem faith. Jew the Messiah is on try with Moses, Muhammad, patriarch and Noah. The distinction is that Muslims see him as a prophet WHO performed miracles, not God.


There is no specific name for the oppose within the Bible, however the Holy Book specifically states can there’ll be a False Messiah and Christ will seem in his manifestation to face him. Many of us in Christianity link the oppose with the spiritual being, because the oppose are a figure of evil. However, that’s not true. What’s attention-grabbing that Christians have conjointly tried to spot the opposer with some well-liked names in politics in latest years, as each Bush and Obama were thought of opposer.


Similar as day of reckoning, each Muslims and Christians believe hell and paradise which those square measure literal places.According to Islam, the Hell is termed Jahannam, and suffering there’s each religious and physical, relying of the sins. In keeping with the religious writing, Hell has seven levels, seven gates, blazing fireplace, boiling water and also the Tree of Zaqqum.

In theology Hell is additionally an area wherever sinners track the judgment by God. Sinners will go there once death (particular judgment) or once the ultimate day of reckoning. Similar like day of reckoning, there square measure many totally different theories for Hell in Christianity, with some going as so much that anyone with a can discretion power powerfulness WHO doesn’t believe God will visit Hell.

Hell is simply one a part of the equation, and Paradise is that the second. Within the religious writing, Paradise is delineated as Garden, or specifically “My Garden” as same by God. It states “”O soul WHO is at rest, come to thy Lord, well-pleased with Him, well-pleasing Him. Therefore enter among my servants, and enter my garden.”

The Garden is additionally referred to as Janna and is believed to be place for religious and physical pleasure with food, drink, virgin companions and lofty mansions. In keeping with religious writing, there square measure seven heavens.In Christianity, Paradise is shown on the left aspect, with a tree of life and a circle dance of liberated souls. Within the middle of the circle there’s a hole.

One of Islam’s six pillars of religion needs that a Muslim believes altogether of the Prophets.  To reject one is to reject all.  Muslims believe that God sent several Prophets, one to each nation.  Some we all know by name et al. we tend to don’t.  Prophet Muhammad is thought to own same that everyone the Prophets square measure brothers to 1 another. So you may notice that everyone the Prophets mentioned within the Bible square measure revered and acknowledged by Islam.

Several of them square measure mentioned by name within the religious writing with careful life stories.  Islam treats all Prophet with respect and rejects the stories within the Bible that ridicule and tarnish a number of the Prophets.

The Scriptures

Muslims derive their understanding of the character of God from the religious writing and also the authentic traditions of Prophet Muhammad.  The religious writing explains that everyone the divine books of Christianity, the will, as well as the book of Psalms, and also the New Testament containing the Gospels of Christ were disclosed by God.

Therefore, Muslims believe the Bible once it doesn’t dissent from the religious writing.  Muslims believe solely what has been confirmed within the religious writing and also the traditions of Prophet Muhammad as a result of Islam says that a lot of the initial text of each the recent and New testaments has been lost, altered, distorted or forgotten.


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