Should Euthanasia-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?

Doctors or physicians are people whom we trust as they try their best to save and cure our lives with the execution of their knowledge and practice but euthanasia gives physicians an opportunity to play against the decision of God, in fact the voice of euthanasia provokes that patient is in trouble with no sign of life but nothing is ultimate then God, whether one agrees or not, past and present experiences shows that euthanasia promotes abuse.

Dr. J Forest Witten warned that euthanasia will give physicians “the power of life and death over individuals who have committed no crime except that of becoming ill or being born, and might lead toward state tyranny and totalitarianism.”

An example of this very statement by Dr. J Forest Witten was seen in Pennsylvania, in 1947 when forty seven year old Ellen Haug admitted having killed her ailing seventy year old mother with an overdose of sleeping pills. Her plea was that she couldn’t bear her crying and misery and her excuse was that “if something had happened to her, what would have become of her mother?”.

Ellen said that her mother had suffered too long and in fact Ellen herself was also on verge of end but euthanasia was not only vain of her problem as Ellen was not putting her mother out of misery but she was getting herself rid of a responsibility. Euthanasia disrupts not only life but also changes the complete pattern of life.

Likewise, Dutch government investigation of euthanasia came up with some alarming findings. In 1990, 1,030 Dutch patients were killed without their consent. Twenty-two thousand and five hundred deaths were caused due to withdrawal of support, 63% (14,175 patients) were denied medical treatment without their consent and twelve percent (1,701 patients) were mentally competent but were not consulted.

These findings were widely publicized before the November 1991 referendum in Washington State and these findings contributed a lot to the defeat of the proposal of those who were in favor to legalize lethal injections and assisted suicide. Euthanasia, at the moment is illegal in most parts of the world. In Europe it is only legal in Netherlands and Belgium, provided certain conditions are met (Irish Counsel).

The actual physician’s role is to try his/her best to safe once life but to prescribe death for someone in order to release his/ herself from pain, it’s not fair and it should not be legal. The American Medical Association (AMA) is well known for their pro-abortion campaigns and funding.

Now, AMA has initiated the Institute for Ethics, designed to educated physicians on alternative medical approaches rather than euthanasia. This shows that AMA realized baloney of euthanasia and ironically they are trying their best to minimize the use of euthanasia.

On the other hand authorization of euthanasia brought mass murders that took place in Germany during Second World War and left everlasting spots on society and all these murders were on account of euthanasia. In this war, over 100,000 people were killed in the Nazi’s euthanasia program.

During the war doctors were responsible for two things firstly, they had to euthanize patients, and secondly they had to write strong reason why they euthanized these patients, in order to provide the evidence to their family members.

Surprisingly, organizations such as the General Ambulance Service, Charitable Sick Transports, and the Charitable Foundation for Institutional Care transported patients to the six killing centers, where euthanasia was accomplished by poisonous injections or slow starvation in case of children’s (Humphry & Wicket, 1986). This incident shows that how badly euthanasia was treated in past and how people

Other than facts and figures which clearly state that euthanasia create abuse, various religions also prohibit euthanasia as this action is against God’s will. For instance, the Roman Catholic Church has its own opinion on Euthanasia.

The Vatican’s 1980 Declaration on Euthanasia said in part “No one can make an attempt on the life of an innocent person without opposing God’s love for that person, without violating a fundamental right and therefore without committing a crime of the utmost sin.” It also says that “intentionally causing one’s own death, or suicide is therefore equally wrong as murder, such an action on the part of a person is to be considered as a rejection of God’s sovereignty and loving plan.”

In Islam euthanasia is immoral and against God’s teachings. Basically, In Islam this life gives you an opportunity to spend your life on God’s will not for His rewards but only for His will and in essence of this philosophy if someone suffer a lot due to disease then more he will do patience and bear all these difficulties here then he/she will get high esteem as patience and endurance are highly regarded and rewarded values in Islam.

Some verses from the Holy Quran regarding euthanasia Quran says that: “Those who patiently preserve will truly receive a reward without measure” (Quran 39:10) and “And bear in patience whatever (ill) may befall you: this, behold, is something to set one’s heart upon” (Quran 31:17).

As, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) taught that “When the believer is afflicted with pain, even that of a prick of a thorn or more, God forgives his sins, and his wrong doings are discarded as a tree sheds off its leaves.” When means of preventing or alleviating pain fall short, this spiritual dimension can be very effectively called upon to support the patient who believes that accepting and standing unavoidable pain will be to his/her credit in the hereafter, the real and enduring life.

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