Revolutionary Transformation in the Society through the Qur’an

Another side of the miraculousness of the Qur’an that has had an excellent result is that the revolutionary transformation it led to in human civilization. A matter job for serious attention within the study of Islam is that the incontrovertible fact that it received no help from factors external to itself once it began to make the nucleus of a universal society out of a scattered and divided folks that lacked all science and deism and failed to even ask for to unify its constituent tribes.

And once it began, moreover, to found a unambiguously, large and non secular civilization.All the factors for dynamic  the planet, for asserting a global law with the locution of unity among races, peoples, and social categories, for making a movement for the liberation of thought and therefore the ennobling of data, were derived from the terribly text of the Qur’an, from the culture that emerged from the Qur’an and from the monotheism order.

Islam ne’er relied on a government or an influence located outside the society it had itself brought into being.Even the aggressors, as an example the Mongols, United Nations agency attacked the monotheism lands and triumphed over the Muslims, due to their military superiority, lost their dominance within the finish after they were confronted with the non secular power of Islam, and that they adopted the faith of the individuals they’d conquered.

This history of countries doesn’t record the other example of a victorious aggressor adopting the faith of the individuals it had defeated.The study of the Qur’an is important for each committed Muslim, since it’s the most supply and foundation of the non secular thought and religion. Any offers that means essence and holiness to his existence lies within the Holy Qur’an.

The Qur’an isn’t similar to alternative non secular books that are content to debate the issues of existence of God and creation in cryptic tones, or like those that simply convey a series of easy ethical recommendation and counsels, so people who believe them are dispiritedly left to go looking for steering in alternative sources. It’s a book wherever all essential ingredients of life may be found.

Unlike alternative books, the Qur’an discusses and formulates all the ideas and views that are essential for a man’s life, beside communication the tenets of religion. Since the Qur’an is book of life, it additionally lays down all the principles of life as well as that moral} and ethical values for the aim of individual, social and familial existence. Sadly, the study of Qur’an has been left for students and learned individuals solely.

Has this book been introduced for the aim of learning and understanding it, or whether or not it’s only for reading and reciting and getting reward and blessing? The scholar of Qur’an, possibly, could surprise at rising of such a matter. To him it should seem certainly that the Qur’an is supposed for the aim of knowing and understanding it.

Nevertheless, in sight of assorted undesirable currents, that attributable to various reasons came into existence within the Muslim world concerning the question of understanding of the Qur’an, and that had a vital role in transferrable concerning the decline of Muslims, I shall discuss the requirement of learning and understanding the Qur’an briefly.One of the functions of the Qur’an is to instruct and to show.


For this purpose, the Qur’an addresses human reason and speaks in logical and demonstrative terms.Infect, not solely the believers and therefore the devoted, however even the infidels are invited by it to ponder over its verses. The Qur’an demands that it verses ought to be 1st contemplated over, before forming any opinion against them. Addressing the opponents.

It says, why they do not cerebrate over the Qur’an, what variety of hearts they possess, they’re as if shut.Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari says: “Scores of verses in Qur’an emphasize the importance of contemplation within the Qur’an and interpretation of the Qur’anic verses, though not associate degree interpretation supported personal caprices and bias, but a just, truthful and balanced interpretation freed from all traces of selfish interests.

“If we have a tendency to try to attempt to try associate degreed} comprehend the Qur’an in an honest and unbiased means, it’s not in the least necessary to resolve all issues that we discover in it. During this regard the Qur’an is analogous to Nature. In Nature, too, variety of mysteries have neither been solved however, nor will they be solved in gift conditions, however are probably to be solved within the future.

Moreover, in learning and understanding nature, man should tailor his ideas in accordance with Nature itself. He’s forced to interpret Nature in accordance with its reality. He cannot outline Nature in terms of his own caprices and inclinations.The Qur’an, just like the book of Nature, could be a book that has not been sent for a particular age and time.

Had it been otherwise, all the secrets of the Qur’an would are discovered within the past; this heavenly Book wouldn’t have conferred its charm, freshness and vitality. However we have a tendency to see that the likelihood of contemplation, reflection and discovery of recent dimensions is inexhaustible within the case of this Holy Book”This is some extent.

In an exceedingly tradition, it’s connected from the Prophet (S) that the Qur’an, just like the sun and therefore the moon, can gift its movement and continuity; that’s, the Qur’an isn’t static or monotonous.In ‘Uyun akhbar al-Ridha, from Moslem Ridha (as), it’s quoted that Moslem Ja’far Sadiq (as) was asked concerning the key of it that because the time passes and therefore the additional it’s scan and recited, the Qur’an will increase in its novelty.

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