Qur’an the Unchanged Divine Word of God

Scriptures of any religion play a pivotal role for the followers of that faith. Almost all the religions of the world compel the masses to believe that what is being followed is a divine authority directly linking them to GOD.

Hence making them feel confident that each one is on the right path. The word ‘Muslim’ means the one who surrenders all of his belongings and ultimately himself to the will of ALLAH, so it is the primary duty of every Muslim to have knowledge that whether or not it is the divine authority to which he is surrendering himself to.

To answer this question we first need to prove that is the Quran that same original message that was revealed to our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and second we need to explore that what is the actual source of the Quran.

As a Muslim we all believe that the Quran is final and absolute word of ALLAH, for followers of other faiths it may be done by eradicating all the other possible authors as we can be certain of a single and definite author.

The Quran was revealed to our beloved prophet (PBUH) in parts through the angel Gabriel. The holy Prophet (PBUH) was the first ‘HAFIZ’ (the protector) of the Quran too. Upon receiving the divine message he used to encourage his companions to learn all the verses revealed by heart by transmitting them in same order ALLAH revealed them.

This resulted in an increase in the number of ‘HUFAZ’ (protectors) knowing Quran in the same order and sequence taught to them by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). These companions spread out to various provinces of the Islamic empire, teaching the exact Quran to others, in this way Quran was stored in hearts of huge population across Arab land.

ALLAH has Himself promised that He is the protector of the Quran till the day of resurrection “Undoubtedly, We have sent down this Quran, and We surely are its Guardian (Surah Hijr verse 9). It is also worth mentioning that memorization of the Quran is being followed as a religious duty through centuries.

No other religious manuscript is memorized but only the Quran. The authenticity of the Quran can also be judged by the fact that original manuscript preserved by Hazrath Usman Bin Affan (RA) can still be found in the national museum in Uzbekistan. It supports the idea that today the printing and circulation by any means is identical to the one at the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

A research conducted by University of Munich also unveils the fact that the Quran has been preserved through the ages. A lengthy research of 50 years was conducted using 42,000 complete and partially complete manuscripts of Quran belonging to different ages. Lately they reported that there was no difference among the manuscripts collected.

Till now it has been proved explicitly that Quran is the purest book this world has ever seen. But how one can be sure that Quran is the word of ALLAH and not written by any other author or authority? This question urges us to look at the source and authenticity of the Quran.

The Quran presents to us a healthy amount of historical events about which all other divine books are silent as the city of Iram, Ad and Thamud, Jesus speaks from the cradle and the list goes on.

Quran is a literary masterpiece of Arabic language with its own style that urges an individual or a society on following it. In Arab completions were held for eloquence and memory tests; with the revelation of the Quran all such occasions were bastardized.

Its unique expression of thoughts and way of life cannot be found in any other book. Also there is a huge difference in the Quran and the way of expression of Muhammad (PBUH) as Hadith. The style of Hadith is oratorical whereas Quran’s style is authoritative.

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