Purpose of our Creation in Quran

The purpose of creation could be a topic that puzzles each individual at some purpose in his or her period of time. Everybody, at it slow or another asks themselves the question: “Why do I exist?” or “For what purpose am I here on earth?The variety and completeness of the complex systems, that represent the material of each personalities and also the world within which they exist, indicate that there should are a supernatural being WHO created them.

Style indicates a designer. Once personalities come upon footprints on a beach, they like a shot conclude that somebody’s being had walked by there it slow antecedent one imagines that the waves from the ocean settled within the sand and unintentionally created a depression trying specifically like human footprints. Nor do humans instinctively conclude that they were brought into existence while not a purpose.

Since purposeful action could be a natural product of human intelligence, humans conclude that the Supreme Intelligent Being WHO created them should have done therefore for a particular purpose. Therefore, personalities got to apprehend the aim for his or her existence so as to create sense of this life and to try and do what’s ultimately helpful for them.

Throughout the ages, however, there has been a minority among humans WHO have denied the existence of God. Matter, in their opinion, is eternal and humans are simply an opportunity product of accidental combos of its components. Consequently, for them there was no answer to the question: “Why did God produce man?” in line with them, there merely isn’t any purpose to existence.

However, the overwhelming majority of man over the ages has believed and still believes the existence of a supernatural being THAT created this world with a purpose. For them it absolutely was, and still is, vital to grasp concerning the Creator and also the purpose that He created personalities.


Why did God produce man?

To answer the question: “Why did God produce man?” it should initial be determined from that perspective the question is being asked. From {the purpose} of read of God it’d mean: “What caused God {to produce to make to form} human beings?” whereas from the human point of read it’d mean: “For what purpose did God create humans?” each points of read represent aspects of the intriguing question: “Why do I exist?”

In the following pages, each aspects of the question are explored supported the clear image painted by divine revelation. This is often not a subject for human speculation, as a result of human approximation cannot probably turn out the full truth during this matter. However will personalities intellectually deduce the fact of their existence once they will hardly perceive however their own brain or its higher entity, the mind, functions?

Consequently, the many philosophers WHO have speculated on this question through the ages have come back up with infinite answers, all of that area unit supported assumptions that cannot be tested. Queries on this subject have even semiconductor diode variety of philosophers to say that we tend to don’t very exist which the full world is unreal.

For example, the Greek thinker Plato argued that the everyday world of changeable things, that man involves apprehends by the employment of his senses, isn’t the first reality, however could be a shadow world of appearances.Many others claimed and still claim that there’s no purpose for the creation of humans in the slightest degree.

In line with them, human existence is simply a product of probability.There may be no purpose if life evolved from non-living matter that solely became animate by pure luck. Humankind’s supposed ‘cousins,’ the monkeys and apes, aren’t discomposed with queries of existence, therefore why ought to personalities be discomposed with them?

The necessity of the solution

Although the majority place the question of why we tend to area unit created aside when occasional transient reflection, it’s very vital for personalities to grasp the solution. While not data of the proper answer, personalities become indistinguishable from the opposite animals around them. The animal wants and wishes like uptake, drinking and procreating become the aim of human existence by default, and human effort is then targeted to the present restricted sphere.

When material satisfaction develops into the foremost vital goal in life, human existence becomes even a lot of degraded than that of very cheap of animals. Personalities can systematically misuse their God-given intelligence once they lack data of their purpose of existence. The degraded human mind uses its talents to form medicine and bombs and becomes engrossed in fornication, porn, sex activity, fortune-telling etc.

Without data of the aim of life, human existence loses all that means and is consequently wasted, and also the reward of a continuous lifetime of happiness within the hereafter is totally destroyed. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that personalities properly answer the question: “Why area unit we tend to here?”


How to apprehend the solution

Humans most frequently communicate different personalities like themselves for answers. However, the sole place that clear and precise answers to those queries may be found is within the books of Divine Revelation. It absolutely was necessary that God reveal the aim to man through His prophets, could God exalt their mention, as a result of personalities area unit incapable of incoming at the proper answers by themselves.

All of the prophets of God instructed their followers the answers to the question: “Why did God produce man?From the angle of man, the question “Why did God produce man?’ implies: “For what purpose was man created?” within the final revelation (i.e. The Holy Quran), this question is answered with none ambiguity. God knowing humans that each individual is born with AN innate consciousness of God.

A non-believer would possibly decide that the target of his life is to gather wealth, acquire position or pursue pleasure to the best extent doable. However none of this may profit him within the long-standing time. In line with His final scripture, God created man to check him with sure responsibilities [As explicit in 18:7, 67:2 and 76:2].   He didn’t intend life on this earth to essentially be snug or satisfying however just a shot of restricted length.

As mentioned antecedent, most of creation is “Muslim” therein it’s programmed to adjust the physical laws set by God, and this is often why the universe functions with balanced equilibrium.  Man, however, was given a power and also the ability to either adjust or refuse. However God won’t enable His universal balance to be upset indefinitely by insubordinate, corrupt and sinful individuals.

Therefore He solely grants personalities a live of freedom in an exceedingly temporary world.  The theme of birth, development, decline and death provides every with the chance to convince himself while not a doubt what he can be on the Day of Judgment, that God created for the manifestation of His final justice.

This life is extremely important and purposeful to the basic cognitive process Muslim as a result of he realizes that it’ll verify his outcome and permanent position within the next life.  He lives to earn the approval of his Creator in preparation for the ultimate come to Him.

We all acknowledge that individuals build things to perform specific functions for them, in different words, to serve them.  God has created US to serve Him, however with one major difference; it’s not for the good thing about the Creator Himself except for the good thing about US, His creation. The aim of our existence is so explicit  within the Qur’an:

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