Overcoming Depression and Anxiety with Islam

In the name of Supreme Being, the Gracious, the Merciful

Depression and anxiety area unit 2 closely connected conditions afflicting most people at only once or another. Slightly depression and anxiety could be a traditional a part of life which might be cured with prayer and positive thinking. However, typically we tend to unknowingly nurture these negative feelings to the purpose of developing A psychological disorder or affective disorder. For those people WHO expertise abnormal and unhealthy levels of depression and anxiety.

There’s hope in Islam to beat these exhausting symptoms while not resorting to prescribed drugs. However, if depression and anxiety persist once exhausting these techniques, then medical intervention by a specialist doctor is also necessary.We should obtain our cure for depression and anxiety in an exceedingly holistic manner by addressing its physical, mental, and religious aspects.

These symptoms occur as a result of there’s one thing wrong in our body, mind, or spirit that has to be mounted. Too typically Muslims obtain the cure entirely by religious means that of prayer however area unit left defeated once the symptoms persist. Though prayer is extremely necessary, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. We tend to cannot win total relief till we tend to restore healthy balance altogether aspects of our being.

First, we tend to should acknowledge that in Islam our physical bodies have a right over U.S. to require care of our health, optimize our nutrition, get enough quality sleep, and exercise frequently.Indeed, prayer and fast area unit inherently smart acts however doing them to a fault to the purpose of neglecting the wants of the body makes them blamable. Such is that the priority of sound bodily health in Islam.

The most necessary side of bodily health is to eat wholesome natural foods as a result of most diseases settle down within the abdomen thanks to unhealthy intake habits.Many people become depressed as a result of our bodies aren’t receiving enough nutrients and such an imbalance affects our whole being. Hence, Supreme Being commands U.S. to eat wholesome foods (tayyibat) created naturally from the world.

Much of the economic factory-made food in our age is extremely processed and contains an excessive amount of sugar, salt, chemicals, and alternative additives. We should always take steps to eat less sugar, less salt, less empty carbohydrates, and less food whereas adding a lot of fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins to our diet.

Furthermore, we’d like to avoid extravagance with food and mortal sin. Even intake an excessive amount of smart food will cause issues which is able to ultimately have an effect on our psychological state. The worst vessel an individual will fill is their abdomen.

The apocalyptic tradition (sunnah) is to fill the abdomen with one third of food, one third of drink, and one third left empty. If we tend to followed this wise recommendation, as tough because it is also for a few people, we might inevitably see the positive results on our bodies and after on our depression and anxiety.

Modern bioscience is commencing to understand what Muslim doctors have illustrious since the classical amount, that the majority diseases begin within the abdomen. Dr. Alejandro Judger is one such doctor WHO has developed a diet program to assist folks heals their guts and forestalls diseases before they begin. Since folk’s area unit thus varied in their tastes and traditions.

It’s tough to mention there’s one single diet everybody ought to follow. Rather, there are unit broad principles, bound styles of food to consume or avoid, and every person has to navigate their own course in pursuit of a diet most fitted for his or her specific health desires.

In addition to diet, we’d like to create certain we tend to get enough quality sleep and exercise. Supreme Being created the evening time for U.S. to rest and our bodies need it, as neglecting our sleep demand for any reason, even prayer, could be a blamable excess.

Next, we’ve to clear our minds of negative thoughts and suppose absolutely the maximum amount as we are able to. Thoughts area unit typically tough to control, however we tend to do have a degree of management over what we elect to place confidence in and replicate upon. actuality believer ought to {try to attempt tottery And} be an mortal, thinking the simplest regarding Supreme Being.

And His decrees, instead of being a doubter perpetually living accommodations upon the worst case situation.One of the foremost damaging ways that of thinking is to nurture hate, envy, and malice towards others. Over and over our hate of others harms ourselves quite anyone else. We’ve to force ourselves to forgive others, to dropping of grudges.

And to calm shut up feelings of anger. The apocalyptic manner is to cleanse our mind of hateful thoughts each morning and evening through prayer and supplication.We should not delight in negative assumption and suspicion against others. Typically we discover ourselves thinking the worst regarding others and even expressing it through backbiting.

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