Maintaining the Ramadan Momentum

Do Tawwakul on God swt

Anybody WHO returns to aqal once developing rooh this suggests they’re invariably thinking and reflective. Before they were managing through dua and tawakkul. However currently they came to their mind. In Ramadan we tend to ar creating dua for everything. However once Ramadan we tend to revert to our designing and strategizing. Anyone WHO utterly trusts aqal can go wide.

For instance, Abu jahl was all regarding aqal.Atheists and philosophers ar nice thinkers however their aqal cannot bring them to deen.Month of Ramadan has most barakah that someone isn’t even able to use aqal.For instance if someone has issues at job they simply create dua.In routine create dua,you can’t invariably be creatingstrategy.Allah swt ultimately and really it’s solely you WHO can facilitate U.S.A…

Do wuquf e qalbi

Make Dua.

Third factor is dua. Don’t utterly trust aqal. Additional dua you create the less you trust aqal. And therefore the less you create dua, the additional you rely upon your aqal. You’ve got to stay your non secular hearts alive through dua and ibaadah.

Learn from expertise.

Syedna Rasool God sws explained that community none secularly learns from spiritual experiences.Hadith(Mafhoom): If dung from one hole the Muslim won’t get dung from same hole once more.We have to find out and not come back to our ghaflah. Altogether different matters we tend to learn from expertise. For instance if the recent pizza pie burns your tongue you may refrain from intake hot pizza pie next time. Same means we tend to learn from intellectual and emotional experiences.

We tend to even have to find out from our own non secular expertise.Think about what was it in Ramadan that actually affected you? Tasbeeh or Tahajjud? For everybody it’d vary. Even before a month we’d have forgotten what affected U.S.A… Generally throughout recitation a selected domestic help or many domestic help have a deep impact on U.S.A. however we tend to don’t note of it. Remember of what moves you.

Learn from non secular experiences of others.

We are thus worldly we tend to are invariably attempting to seek out professionals WHO are tough. we tend to are even finding tough professors etc. this can be known as suhbah i.e. attend regular majilis and regular gatherings to alter our routine feelings.One way individuals enlighten get expertise is by creating mistakes. That’s what the hadith was. We tend to do amal on this once world worries. The expertise of spirituality is additionally enclosed during this.

Modification Your Routine

Think about the items that invite you to a selected sin. What were the steps that junction rectifier Pine Tree State to the sin? We tend to don’t seem to be attempting to edit our routine. We tend to don’t seem to be attempting to boost our routine. We tend to are proud of keeping our routine. However this fashion we’ll lose our feelings. That the example we regularly offer is misdirecting the gaze and surf riding information superhighway. What were the precursors?

We have to find out from our mistakes. After we begin eliminating the mistakes, our routine can improve. Dynamic routine means that we wish the routine of mutakeen, qaniteen, momineen. Tasawwuf is all regarding learning from people who are tough.Experience teaches U.S.A. that the additional we tend to concern the additional the possibilities of fine finish. And contrariwise.

Experience teaches U.S.A. anyone WHO disobeys God swt can face worries in their lives. The additional we tend to refuse then additional worries we’ll have. If we tend to ne’er refuse then we’ll don’t have any worries involving depression etc. they’ll still have tests. Auliya God is none aside from individuals of taqwah.You can additionally begin backwards like does one have worries? Yes?

Meliorate the routine to form the routine higher.Agar ham chahte hein k kisi Hindu deity Hindu deityul aur amal mein farak khatam hou jaye to matlab uss ka nafs e ammara khatam hou gya. Like we are saying we tend to love God swt however actions don’t seem to be consistent with that. We are saying we tend to love Syedna Rasool God sws however actions don’t seem to be consistent with that.

If someone wills what they preach and do what they are saying such someone has reached nafs e ammara and acquire nafs e mutmaina.Abu darda ra took oath and same someone WHO is fearful of a foul ending then because of that concern God swt can offer them death on kalima. It means either virtually or that their whole life is going to be created consistent with that kalima.

And contrariwise.It’s only if we modify our routine that we’ll get taqwah ikhlas etc. generally we’ve got some aspects a great deal stuck in our routines. Real work to try to is to form progress in routine. Feel those makamat e ashra. It’ll cause you to modification your routine.

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