Islamic Gifts For Graduation

The end of the month of May marks the beginning of a new era of their lives for thousands of students graduating from schools and universities. Graduates of high schools further pursue their dream educations at the universities, whereas the college graduates step out in the real world and follow their careers of choice.

Students feel high levels of excitement, achievement as well as apprehensions about the phase of life they are about to embark on, but at the same time, they want to celebrate this momentous occasion of their lives with their families and friends.

Proud parents throw grand graduation parties for their children which allow all their friends and relatives to give nice and useful Islamic gifts to the new graduates. These Islamic gifts are not only thoughtful gestures from the giver, but also hold a special place in the receiver’s heart as they mark the start of a new phase of their life.

It is vital on the gift givers part to select Islamic gifts for the new graduate which are not only caring but can also be a significant part of their upcoming life. Certain Islamic gifts which make great graduation presents include Islamic books and CD’s, which teach the youngsters free from the heavy school work loads about the fundamental principles of Islam, or give them in depth knowledge about certain Islamic subject matters.

A nicely bound Quran or their digital counterparts can also make suitable Islamic gifts for graduations, as they are considered to bring blessing to the receiver in addition to providing them their own personal copy of the Holy book.

With technology advancements, most people opt to go for a digital version of the Quran, which are available in a variety of price ranges, as they can be conveniently recited at any time.

Graduation Islamic gifts can also comprise of personalized plaques and plates with Quranic verses inscribed on them, Islamic jewelery articles, blankets and throws for the graduates with a Holy emblem or names embroidered on them, leather portfolios and daily planners to assist in their upcoming careers, particularly for those graduates moving on to the professional phase of their lives.

So it is important to take time out to buy something which is considerate and useful for the new graduate before heading out to the next graduation party. These Islamic gifts will not only be special to them, but the effort you put into buying something will be highly appreciated by the receiver!

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