Introductory of Arabic Alphabet Pattern For Children

Arabic language is quite famous in the world and has been the sixth spoken language, actually. This happened because Arabic language is used in Muslims’ holy book, Quran. The Muslims, Arab or non-Arab, have been familiar with Arabic pattern because everyday they are connected with this language.

This language must be introduced to every people, especially Muslims since they were child. For teaching the Arabic pattern to children, there are some easy steps. If you succeeded following the steps, your children will also get easy to read the Quran in the original language.

The Arabic alphabet chart must be introduced to your children as your first step. You may point out the letters one by one and mention their each name and sound. In Arabic pattern, the style is different from English style because they must be written and read from right to left. In this pattern, there are also 29 letters.

To make it easier, you may break the alphabet into sections of four letters and draw the each letter on the whiteboard. You have to ask your children to copy the letter on their pieces of paper. You have to draw the connecting shapes which are including the singular, beginning, middle and end forms.

Continue the steps by drawing the different combinations of the letters in “linked” form. After that, ensure that the children recognize the each letter with its forms. Try to explain each form because in Arabic pattern, there are some special exceptions in forming the letter.

To help the children remember the whole alphabet, you have to repeat these lessons, periodically. In a separate lesson, teach the children about the short vowel symbols and Hamza as they have been learned the whole alphabet. The last but not least, write a consonant combination on the whiteboard and show to your children that the sound may change if you place the different short vowel symbols above or below the letters.

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