How to Be a Good Muslim

As a Muslim, you probably might want to improve your relationship with your God or keep the flames of your imaan burning or keep away from a sinful act completely, but you just don’t know how. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Following are some steps that can help improve your religious faith and transform you to become a good Muslim:

Educate Yourself

You have to be knowledgeable about Islam for you to be a good Muslim. Prophet Muhammad said: “Seeking of knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim and Muslimah”. Therefore, start attending to da’awahs and sermons and keep reading the holy Quran and Islamic materials.

Without having a sound Islamic education, you can’t differentiate or distinguish between what is halal (lawful) and what is haram (unlawful); what is fard (obligatory) and what is sunnah (voluntary). Therefore, a good Islamic knowledge is a most factor for your journey to become a good Muslim.

Know Allah

Know your guarding Lord NOT solitary by name, but by knowledge. Know that He is All-Powerful, All-knowing and All-Seeing. Know that Allah is Merciful (He can forgive your sins when you seek His forgiveness) and at the same time He is severe in punishment when you err. Having full knowledge of Allah and His attributes will make you think and act better.

Believe in Allah

Believing in Allah is foremost in Muslims’ faith. It regulates Muslims’ attitude from committing a sinful act. To be a good Muslim, you must believe that Allah exists, He is your creator and that He sees all your moves. If you believe that Allah is your maker,designer, and sustainer you will love him and fear Him, and that will translate in to your character — making you a well-mannered Muslim.

Believe in the Hereafter

One of the six articles of faith in Islam is the believing in the hereafter. If you want to be a good Muslim, you have to believe that hereafter is real and it will soon emerge. Having the believe that the day of judgment is real and will soon come, will make you become a good Muslim as you’ll always think before you leap into committing any sin.

Fear Allah

Be cautious of your God’s commandment because He is your absolute authority. As a good Muslim, you should be careful not to violate your God’s wills. Fear your meeting with Allah on the day of resurrection, and always bring Allah in your mind before performing or observing any act. Fearing Allah; i.e., considering His do’s and don’ts carefully will make you become a good Muslim.

Believe in Destiny

Believing in destiny whether it’s good or bad is one of the six articles of faith. Therefore, if you want to become a good Muslim, you have to believe in destiny – both good and bad. No matter what condition you find yourself in, believe that it’s from your Creator and that He’s predestine it on you. And if you accept and endure it, then be rest assured that ease and reward will be your recompense.

Pray Constantly

Prayer is a medium of communication between you and your God, and becoming a good Muslim entails constancy in praying to your God. “Adore your guardian Lord” and refer your cases to Him via your prayers. Seek protection from Allah against evil and worldly temptations; repent and request for guidance for “Allah loves those who turn unto Him in repentance and loves those who purify themselves” (Quran 2:222).

Keep Patient

Do not quit on praying or worshipping or on any work that will derive you near to your Lord; keep patient. To be a good Muslim, you need to remain calm and patient in all your deeds.

Becoming a good Muslim requires good knowledge of Islam, believing in Allah, His messenger, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), and constant prayer and constancy. Sticking to these virtues will not only upgrade your status as a good Muslim, it will advance your standing in the hereafter as well.

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