Good Character Comes Before Knowledge of Islamic Sciences

In the name of Supreme Being, the Gracious, the Merciful

Good character, morals, and manners area unit the center of Islam. The entire Islamic sciences area unit directed towards refinement people’s inward and outward behavior and their relationship with Supreme Being and humanity at massive. Ethics is its own science in Islam and, in reality, is that the most vital science to precede all alternative advanced fields of data.

It has been established from the Prophet and his companions that the transmission of moral data is an important objective of the faith of Islam.Abu Huraira reported: The traveler of Supreme Being, peace and blessings is upon him, said:Verily, I even have solely been sent to excellent righteous character.Ad-Dahhak, might Supreme Being have mercy on him, said:

The head of the matter is nice character.Hence, every rule, concept, and follow in Islam is supposed to ultimately have an effect on our inward and outward behavior.Ibn Al-Qayyim writes:The religion itself is entirely sensible character; therefore whoever surpasses you in character has surpassed you in faith.The companions understood that ethics may be a science distinguished.

However integral to alternative Islamic sciences. They inspired their students and therefore the Muslims as a full to hunt data whereas at constant time learning sensible character and manners.Imran ibn Muslim reported: Umar ibn Al-Khattab, might Supreme Being is happy with him, said:Acquire data and teach folks. Learn at the side of it dignity and tranquility and humility for those that teach you and humility for those whom you teach.

Don’t be tyrannical students and therefore base your data upon your content.Good character and manners isn’t one thing that comes while not effort. Even as we have a tendency to study massive books of comment on the al-Qur’an and path, likewise we want to check ethics and rule.Raja’ ibn Haywah reported: Abu Darda, might Supreme Being is happy with him, said:

Verily, data solely comes by learning and forbearance solely comes by cultivating forbearance.Character and manners is literally 2 facet of constant coin, 2 aspects of single moral reality. Character (al-akhlāq) area unit the qualities that reside within the hear,and manners (al-adab) area unit the outward behavior that individuals manifest. In alternative words, courtesy is that the results of sensible character.

As such, we want to be told regarding the strategies of achieving a pure heart and therefore the social behavior that ought to follow it.The reality of manners is that it results from lovely character. Thus, manners is that the externalization of the integrity and strength in one’s inward disposition into action.Since ethics has such a very important place in Islam.

It ought to be our high concern when learning the fundamentals of Islamic beliefs and worship. it had been the follow of the righteous predecessors (al-salaf al-sālihīn) to concentrate on exploit sensible character and manners before seriously approaching the advanced fields of Islamic data associated with Quranic interpretation (al-tafsīr), the path (al-hadīth), creed (al-‘aqīdah), law (al-fiqh), life story (al-sīrah), history (al-tarīkh), leadership (al-imāmah), and alternative subjects.

Malik ibn Anas, might Supreme Being have mercy on him, said:Learn courtesy before seeking data.And leader said:My mother would dress Maine up and tell me: attend ruler Rabi’ah and learn from his manners before his data.Ibn Al-Mubarak, might Supreme Being have mercy on him, same to the folks of hadīth:You are in larger want of a trifle manners than a good deal of data.And Ibn Al-Mubarak said:

I wanted manners for thirty years and that I wanted data for twenty years. The righteous predecessors would request manners then request data.Failure to know the importance of ethics and its standing among the fields of data is inflicting abundant misguidance among Muslims nowadays. The explanation is that the advanced Islamic sciences contain difficult details associated with creed, sects, variations of opinion, and confusing problems that almost all folks don’t fathom it.

Only those that area unit powerfully grounded in Islamic ethics area unit ready to approach these problems within the best approach, while not inflicting confusion among the plenty or humoring in bootless arguments. In distinction, several tykes learn a trifle little bit of advanced data, while not its requisite manners, and therefore they interact in narrowness and transgression against alternative Muslims.

The Prophet and righteous students warned U.S. those bitter and pietistic debates within the faith area unit one among the most causes that lead folks wide and foment hate.Abu Umamah reported: The traveler of Supreme Being, peace and blessings be upon him, said:No folks go wide when being target-hunting except that they like argumentsThey strike associate degree example for you merely to argue.

Rather, they’re an argumentative folks. (43:58)Malik ibn Anas, might Supreme Being have mercy on him, said:Disputation and arguments regarding sacred data cause the sunshine of data to extinguish in a very man’s heart.And he said:Disputation regarding sacred data causes the center to harden and ends up in hate.

The solution is to come back to the moral data within the al-Qur’an and path because the primary Islamic science. The aim of everything that we have a tendency to learn in Islam is to create U.S. higher folks, higher servants of Supreme Being and higher companions to humanity at massive. After we perceive this, we are going to be ready to confront fashionable issues and sophisticated problems while not descending into misguidance and hate.

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