Funeral in Islam and Hinduism

Cremation is most popular in Hinduism, however a minority of Hindus chooses burial instead, and infant’s area unit perpetually buriedRather than cremated. In India, Hindu funerals historically occur at the incineration web site on the banks of the sacred stream river. A Hindu priest and therefore the eldest son of the deceased control over the ceremony, creating offerings and voice communication sacred writing prayers before lighting the pile.

In different countries, this service could occur at a crematorium. Traditionally, Hindu girls don’t attend cremations; however this is often dynamical in contemporary world.Whatever could also be aforesaid for burial or incineration as a way of taking out human dead bodies, frequent disputation on the topic has been the means that of causation folks to convey some thought to the complete matter of ceremonial reform.

Burning the dead a ceremonial ritual in Hinduism

However, Hinduism has the tradition of burning the human natural object since the traditional times. There is a unit some references in Hindu scriptures to the difficulty of incineration. The Your Vedic literature says during this regard: “The human body’s relationship with the remainder of grouping continues till his natural object is burnt.”

The incineration of natural object of a Hindu became renowned for the folks of the planet. As well as, some Hindu writers have written articles on this subject and defended the ritual with references from the traditional Hindu scriptures that show the follow of burning the dead as a unanimous and accepted tradition amongst the Hindus.

In Hinduism, holy men, women, kids and therefore the lassie area unit buried and not burnt yet as an individual with unwellness infectious disease or United Nations agency died from snake bite also are buried.

Throwing the natural object in stream in Bharat

Throwing the corpses in stream in Bharat could be a common follow. This methodology is well-liked particularly amongst the Hindus United Nations agency go on the banks of river as a result of they believe that throwing the natural object within the blessed stream could be a reason behind salvation for the soul of the soul.

Aghori Ascetics and human dead bodies

It is price mentioning that some Hindu ascetics known as “Aghuri” watch for the arrival of human dead bodies on the banks of the stream and after they see any natural object floating instantly they decide it up and carry it to their tent, cut it in items and roast them on the hearth and eat.


There are unit videos of this type on YouTube that area unit extremely horrifying and distasteful.In addition thereto, throwing the dead bodies within the water ends up in pollution across the stream that is harmful to human health and aquatic animals; rather this follow spoils the whole atmosphere.

There are a unit footage and videos on the web that show the half-burned human bodies lying on the banks of rivers in several states of Bharat, not solely river. Additionally Hindus, in general, burn their dead bodies on the banks of the rivers.

Burning a widow alive in Bharat

Additionally, burning a widow alive in Bharat was a standard follow before the new era, and this type of depressive incidents was seen as late because the year 1829, once “suttee” was abolished. Until that point, the Hindu widow voluntarily perished within the flames of the pile at the death of her husband. Once, a widow was light-emitting diode to wherever her husband’s body was already being consumed by the hearth.

Scorched by the fierce heat of the flames, her bravery forsook her, and therefore the poor creature ran back and threw herself into a pool of water, from that she was dragged once more to fulfill her fate. Thrice she molding herself away and fled.If there’s no mercy for the poor, we have a tendency took and helpless widow.

Then however will we expect any honorable treatment for a dead body?We don’t realize excellent info on the precise starting of the burning the dead bodies.However, we discover within the divine scriptures some necessary statements on the start of concealment the human dead bodies.

Within the light-weight of the sacred texts, we will conclude that the tradition of concealment the human natural object is as recent because the existence of humanity itself on the face of this earth.

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