Five Benefits of Islam’s Alcohol Prohibition

Muslims are forbidden from drinking alcohol. While few other faiths share the ban, this article will explain some of the benefits that others could also receive if they too abstained from alcohol consumption.

A Brief Background and History

Alcohol is mentioned numerous times in the Quran, though to be pedantic, it is generally referred to via intoxicating substances available at the time of the Quran’s writing. For example, 4:43 states that Muslims are banned from praying while intoxicated, but the word for intoxicated is sukara, which is derived from sugar and means drunk or intoxicated. My Muslim friends have told me that the general gist of the message is that substances which affect a person’s mind from functioning properly should be avoided, and that mind altering drugs therefore fall under this category too.

The Benefits

1 – Save Money

Alcohol is expensive. And in these times of financial uncertainty, even people with good jobs are cutting back on their spending, as they are concerned of being made redundant. If people stopped drinking and put the saved money towards their pension funds, then it could help to provide for them during their old age, as the pension black hole is a very real and uncertain problem facing today’s working generation.

2 – Improve Health

Alcohol contains many calories, and a pint or two of beer can often lull the drinker into a desire for more. Obesity is a big problem in western society, and the problem could be partially alleviated through a cessation of alcohol consumption.

3 – Avoid Embarrassment

People who are drunk are not in full control of themselves, and often do things that they regret later. For example, they may vomit in inappropriate locations, say rude things or lose control of their bodily functions.

As an example, in a recent episode of The Inbetweeners, a young college student wetted himself in a friends’ bed after drinking cider. I have known real students who have performed similar acts while under the influence of alcohol.

4 – Saves Time

Excessive alcohol can lead to memory loss and hangovers. If an enjoyable evening is lost from a person’s memory then the evening may as well not have occurred. Also, hangovers prevent victims from performing productive activities and have caused lost study in students and unnecessary sick days by employees.

5 – Reduces Violence and Social Problems

Alcohol is known for causing violence in certain individuals, as it reduces their inhibitions and self control.

It can also lead to unwanted romantic encounters, which can cause family breakdowns.


The Quran states that alcohol contains both good and evil, but that the evil outweighs the good. A positive aspect of alcohol is that it can lead to a removal of personal insecurities, which can help people to become more outgoing and enjoy themselves more in social situations. However, if they consume too much it can lead to problems that are already listed above.

While it is unlikely that this article will stop anyone from drinking alcohol, I hope that it helps to explain some of the problems that it can cause, and encourages alcoholics to limit their consumption in the future.

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