Djinns in Islam and Their History – How to Invoke Rituals to Summon and Control Djinns

Throughout the centuries, long before the time of pharaohs and kings, djinns were the ruler of universe! They are the earliest inhabitants of universe. God created them before humans.When one of their tribe jinn shaitan disobeyed god, they had thrown out of heaven to earth.

Djinn used to know all about to be happened in universe as they used to hear from angels. Djinn are magical beings whereas most mortals were formed by the creator from earth mixed with other elements they were formed from smoke and fire and in the distant past,the different tribes had a lot of interaction with mortals and jinn were known to take them as slaves, teachers, students, lovers, worshippers, and food.

There are six major tribes of djinn. Jinn are the most common, and often interact with mortals. Djinn are also called commonly as jinnat, jinn, jinni and genie. Jinn in islam are mentioned in quran and majority of them converted to islam. Jann often make their homes in oases in the desert. Marid are few in number, But very powerful. They tend to live near the coast. Ifrit are more common, and tend to be violently opposed to mortals.

Their allies the shaitan live in the mountains and underground. The ghul are the most base and depraved of the djinn,and prey on both the living and the dead. Ifrit are among the most powerful of the tribes and they are extremely violent towards mortals they make their homes in abandoned or desolate places, and will attack any Who disturb them without hesitation? Iblis was a great leader of the ifrit who was corrupted by a demon.

Today they are still the tribe that interacts most with infernal powers. Ifrit can appear as a dog, a great tornado of dust, A magical camel made of sand, or a giant scorpion or serpent spitting fire. Only the most experienced of mortals has any chance of surviving an encounter with an ifriti.

They are vulnerable to iron. Jann are allies of the jinn, though they are more conservative and have fewer interactions With mortals than the jinn. They are more individualistic, but as a whole have aided mortals more than not. They were among the first djinn with whom Mortals Came Into Contact, for many of those live in oases. Caravans could prosper or become lost and die at their whim.

They can take the form of a white camel or a whirlwind of sand. Their greatest enemies are the ghul. They are vulnerable to copper. Like the ifrit, ghul are wholly corrupted by the infernal powers.

Though they are very intelligent, they are entirely driven by a crazed lust to feed. They stalk the wastes between cities, preying on both living people and dead bodies. Many seek out grave sites to devour the newly fallen. However they are very superstitious, and may be tricked because of this. Ghul often appear as pilgrims in order to join caravans.

But will openly attack individuals or small groups. They may also appear as whirlwinds or as vultures. Almost all ghul are female. They are vulnerable to iron. The marid tribe is the smallest among them, but it is also the oldest and its members the strongest. They usually live near the coast, and are masters at controlling the weather.

Sailors do well not to anger these spirits. Some are partial to mortals, while others react violently to them. However they are not on friendly terms with the ifrit. Many centuries ago the marid saved the jinn from being destroyed by the ifrit and the shaitan.

And the ifrit have born a grudge since then. A marid djinn can take the form of a waterspout traveling across the water, or of a porpoise, horse, or old man as they are vulnerable to both copper and iron on the other hand shaitan are the second oldest tribe and allied with the ifrit and ghul they are master deceivers who delight in manipulating mortals and other to their own ends.

However they are also very proud, and this can be used against them. Many had human worshippers in ages past. Shaitan makes their homes in the mountains and deep underground. They can take the form of a cloud of smoke, a jackal, or a black camel. They can also appear as beautiful women, though always with some part of An animal somewhere on their bodies. They often use disease as a weapon.

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