Difference between Conventional and Islamic banking


One should refrain from creating an instantaneous comparison between Islamic banking and traditional banking (apple to apple comparison). This can be as a result of their extraordinarily totally different in some ways. The key distinction is that Islamic Banking is predicated on law foundation. Thus, all dealing, group action, business approach, product feature, investment focus, responsibility are derived from the jurisprudence.

That result in the {many the numerous} distinction in many a part of the operations with as of the standardThe foundation of Islamic bank is predicated on the Islamic religion and should keep at intervals the boundaries of jurisprudence or the law all told of its actions and deeds. The first which means of the Arabic word law is ‘the thanks to the supply of life’ and is currently wont to check with system to keep with the code of behavior caught up by the Holly Qur’an (Koran).



A jurisprudence board consists of Islamic students WHO are qualified to allow opinions on Islamic business contracts. During a full service bank, the board is additionally concerned in supervision bank operations to create positive they accommodate jurisprudence principles.You may surprise why a bank desires a jurisprudence board to confirm its compliance with jurisprudence principles.

If the fundamental distinction between typical and Islamic banking hinges on interest can’t Islamic banks satisfy the necessity by simply ensuring none of their transactions involves charging interest?Money may be an artifact besides medium of exchange and store important. Therefore, it may be sold at a value on top of its face worth and it may also be rented out.

Money isn’t a artifact although it’s used as a medium of exchange and store important . Therefore, it can’t be sold at a value on top of its face worth or rented out.Time value is that the basis for charging interest on capital.Profit on trade of products or charging on providing service is that the basis for earning profit.

Interest is charged even just in case the organization suffers losses by victimization Banka€™s funds. Therefore, it’s not supported profit and loss sharing.Islamic bank operates on the idea of profit and loss sharing. In case, the bourgeois has suffered losses, the bank can share these losses supported the mode of finance used (Mudarabah, Musharakah).

While disbursing money finance, running finance or capital finance, no agreement for exchange of products & services are formed.The execution of agreements for the exchange of products & services may be a should, whereas disbursing funds beneath Murabaha, Salam & Istisna contracts.


Conventional banks use cash as a artefact that results in inflation.

Islamic banking tends to make link with the $64000 sectors of the national economy by victimization trade connected activities. Since, the cash is joined with the $64000 assets so it contributes directly within the economic development.Islamic banking is predicated on real business deals.

Real economic activities that bear risk and ar receptive acquire profits whereas typical banks are supported Riba (interest) loaning and borrowing activities that avoid risk and therefore promote social injustice and later results in economic crises and depressions. Beneath Islamic mortgage finance facility, Islamic bank shares with the client in buying his desired property.

Consequently, the client and therefore the bank become the joint homeowners of the property in proportion to their share in buying the property. So as to possess and use the complete property, the client purchases the share of Banka€™s property over an amount of your time and conjointly pays the rent for victimization the Banka€™s share of the property.

Over an amount of your time, the client manages to buy the complete share of bank within the property. Ultimately, the client becomes the only owner. Further, just in case of Islamic mortgage finance, the rent is going to be charged when the tenant has taken delivery of the property and it’s in workable/usable condition. Rent can’t be charged from the day the value was paid to accumulate the property/asset.

If the provider has delayed the delivery when receiving the total value, the tenant shouldn’t be responsible for the rent of the amount of delay. The fundamental purpose for establishing associate Islamic bank is to push and encourage Islamic principles. Typical banks are profit-making organizations that usually aren’t supported spiritual principles. That said, earning cash is additionally a primary perform of associate Islamic full service bank.


A bank serves no purpose in any respect if it can’t keep in business!

Islamic banks operate supported Islamic business law (called fish-u–muamalat) for his or her basic transactions, and that they conjointly follow the monetary laws and laws of the countries during which they operate. Typical banks likewise operate supported a country’s monetary laws and laws; however they don’t have contact with any spiritual body.


For example, say that a client during a typical bank deposits $10,000 during a six-month term deposit. When six months, the bank contains a liability to pay back the client the principal and the rate charged for 6 months. Notwithstanding the bank lost the cash in associate investment, the bank remains susceptible to pay back all the cash due.

In Islamic banking, the thought of investment is totally different. Though the client deposits the cash so as to earn further financial gain for her savings, her principal and returns aren’t bonded. Suppose the Islamic bank loses cash owing to associate surprising business failure. During this case, the bank isn’t susceptible to pay the cash to its client.

(Note: The failure of associate investment isn’t quite common in Islamic banks as a result of the banks ar terribly involved regarding their customers and builds their investment selections terribly showing wisdom. If they didn’t, they shortly would don’t have any customers at all!)

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