Democracy According to Traditional Islamic Sources

Democracy isn’t associate degree Arabic word. Rather it’s derived from the Greek, and it’s a composite of 2 words: demos, which means the lots or the folks, and kratia, which means rule. Therefore what’s meant is that the rule of the lots or the rule of the folks?

Democracy may be a system that’s contrary to Islam, as a result of it offers the ability of legislation to the folks or to people who represent them (such as members of Parliament). supported that, in democracy legislative authority is given to somebody apart from Supreme Being, might He be exalted; rather it’s given to the folks and their deputies, and what matters isn’t their accord however the bulk.

Therefore what the bulk agree upon becomes laws that area unit binding on the state, though it’s contrary to sense, non secular teaching or reason. In these systems legislation has been publicized permitting abortion, duet and exorbitant interest (riba); the rulings of sharee‘ah are abolished; and fornication adultery and therefore the drinking of alcohol area unit permissible.

Really this method is at war with Islam and its followers.Allah, might He be exalted, has told US within the His Book that legislative authority belongs to Him alone, which he’s the wisest of these WHO issue rulings and choose. He has impermissible the association of anyone with Him in His authority and nobody is healthier than Him in ruling.

Allah, might He be authorised and exalted, is that the Creator of all things and He is aware of what’s smart for them and what’s in their best interests of rulings. Kinsmen vary in intellect, perspective and customs, and that they area unit unaware of what’s best for them, not to mention what’s best for others. Thence in societies that area unit dominated by the folks in terms of legislation and laws, one sees solely corruption, immorality and disintegration of the social material.

It ought to be noted that in several countries this method has became one thing that has no reality behind it, and it’s mere slogans by which individuals area unit deceived; really the $64000 ruler is that the head of state and his helpers, and therefore the folks area unit suppressed and don’t have any say in something.

There is nothing additional indicative of that than the very fact that once this democracy produces results that don’t suit the wishes of the rulers, they crush it underfoot. Cases of fraud, suppression of freedoms and silencing of the voices of these WHO speak the reality area unit acknowledge to everybody and don’t want additional proof.

Hence a social group, a very important side of human society, conjointly comes noticeably beneath the banner of the Moslem hemisphere. The nice Muslim thinker and author Allama Iqbal has justifiably same, “Juda metallic element deen siyasat se to reh jaati hai changezi” (take faith [morality] faraway from politics and you have got despotism), for faith is that the supply of all morality, individual and collective.

The necessary manifestation of a social group is absolved through the institution of a state and therefore the means of its governance. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) established a state at Madina, of a singular kind, supported consultation, justice, equality and answerability. When his passing his righteous successors maintained constant system of governance.

The Holy al-Qur’an has mentioned the word ‘shura’ for governance. “They govern with mutual consultation.” The essence of a real democracy is additionally consultation.The governing system of the Righteous Caliphs was the manifestation of this democracy. Nowadays there’s abundant say western democracy, however the same democracy given by Islam is additional accomplished.

The fundamental pillars of a real democracy, i.e. consultation, justice, equality and answerability, area unit found within the governance of the Righteous Caliphs, Abu Bakar, Umar, Usman and Ali.Presently, the United Kingdom and therefore the US area unit considered the pioneers of western democracy. Area unit their rulers questioned.

Therefore brazenly and flat out by the common men publicly place because the same caliphs won’t to be? Today during a democratic system, the ruler’s area unit electoral through votes and therefore the candidates supply themselves for his or her election, utilising all types of sources for winning elections whereas none of the rightful caliphs offered him for election.

Every was selected by a majority of the folks, when the proposal of their names by others. Neither did they show any want nor created a trial to win their elections.Furthermore, their deeds verify the best democratic values in governance that area unit extinct nowadays within the governance of alleged democratic rulers.

The day when his election because the swayer, Hazrat Abu Bakar came out with items of material on his shoulder to sell, as a result of before his caliphate, this had been his supply of financial gain. Hazrat Umar met him on the means and asked, “What area unit you doing?” He replied, “I ought to support my family.”

The right of criticism and freedom of expression before the ruler, those area unit necessary options of democracy, were evident within the governance of those caliphs. Hazrat Salman Farsi, a revered companion of the Prophet (PBUH), questioned swayer Umar during a public gathering, asking why he had taken 2 sheets whereas everybody else got one sheet from the spoils.

Hazrat Umar instantly known as his son Abdullah WHO processed the position of his father by replying that he had given his sheet to his father owing to his tall height.Islam has mandated democracy through a shūrā (elected council of leaders), a method through which individuals sit along, talk to each other, and choose one person to represent them.

This method was recently used in Asian nation wherever, in step with a fifteen-century previous tradition, the folks opt for representatives WHO then gathered to decide on not solely a frontrunner, however a cupboard and national assembly. The recent Jirga that confirmed Hamid Karzai as president of Asian nation, incontestable yet again that Moslem rule is predicated on democratic alternative.

A clear example of democracy’s role in Islam is manifest within the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) passing while not appointing a successor to rule the Muslim state. He purposely left it to the Muslims to come back along to create this significant call supported what he had schooled them.

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