Blessings of Islam on Hindus

The sacred writing amount was completely unaware of the concept of ​​monotheism. Worship of the weather of the character was the prevailing phenomenon; the glorification and religious ceremony of the world, water, sun, air and hearth was the distinguished feature of the sacred writing amount. The folks of this era believed these natural and cosmic components because the designer and creator of the universe.

This issue has been elaborated by Associate in Nursing skilled of Indo-Aryan, scholarly person Romesh Chunder Dutt, World Health Organization elucidated that religious text has ordered its followers to worship the weather of the character, which implies there was no thought of theism in sacred writing amount or a minimum of, the thought was obscure.

Hindu faith has older many stages and witnessed varied sects and cults, including: the sacred writing faith, Wam Margi, Buddhism, Jainism, Shiva, Vedanta, Barhamo Smaj and Aryah Samaj, then forth. All of those sects of Hinduism created pagan beliefs and perverted philosophies. This is often not my opinion, however the opinion of the foremost far-famed Hindu writers.

The Beliefs and Practices of Wam Margians

Wam Margi, a sect of ancient Hindus, had some strange beliefs and immoral practices; whoever likes to grasp them very well ought to visit the book of Diyanand Sarsvati. However, i’m about to quote here a number of them so as to point out actuality face of some ancient Hindu sects, Diyanand Sarsvati says concerning Wam Margi: “If a person goes on drinking until he falls on the bottom, and rising up once more drinks.

He’s free of rebirth (which could be a penalty for sin), i.e., he gets salvation.”They rejected the Vedas and Puranas as final authority in spiritual matters, as Diyanand has stated: “A man could head to all ladies except his mother. The Vedas, philosophies, and Puranas square measure like standard prostitutes.”

If Islam didn’t come back to them, they’d are wandering darkly and delusions, before Islam, they were in error and deviation in belief, thought and action. It’s Islam that freed them from the ugly and atrocious acts, Diyanand says relating to some types of worship amongst Wam Margians:

“Cohabitation with a girl in monthly course is as meritable as bathing within the sacred tank of Pushkar (in Ajmer), with a fallen, or low caste girl a journey to Benares, with a skin-dealer’s mate as bathing within the Ganges River at Prayaga (Allahabad), with a washwoman as a journey to Mathura, (the birth-place of Krishna, the Christ of India), and with a prostitute as a journey to Ayudhya (Oude, the birth-place of avatar.”

Diyanond Sarsvati criticizes them, saying: “There are going to be few folks within the world as foolish and ignorant as these followers of Wam Marg.”He adds: “Their faith adjoin a good a part of India within the course of your time. They fraudulently coined and practiced sure spiritual rites within the name of the Vedas.”This proves that they were believers in Vedas and a locality of the traditional Hindus.

They a colossal reaches in Indian society, and was gift within the major elements of India in its length and dimension.The belief of Shaivism was additionally supported theism and idolatry within the field of religion and obscenity, and lack of modesty in morals and customs, Shaivism had odd beliefs and practices, they worshiped the non-public a part of a feminine as was declared by Dyanand Saraswati, he says.

The Wam Margians and Shivites, each came to the understanding of creating the worship of the nude and feminine generative organs, referred to as the Linga and Jaladha’is in Vernacular. Thus, they weren’t humiliated to worship them, Associate in Nursingd it ne’er flashed upon their mind that it had been an act of barbarians then wasn’t fit them.”

Religious Conditions in India throughout the medieval amount

It is clear that before the sunshine of Islam came to India all sects of Hinduism were supported the worship of idols. The entire India has been encumbered in religion and idolatry; there was no sign of monotheistic trends in any respect. This is often what the history of India says, and it’s the very fact which will be established through the authentic history that came to North American nation concerning the spiritual conditions of Indian sub-continent.

It was Islam and Muslims that introduced the thought of theism to India Republic of India Bharat Asian country Asian nation} and its folks whose spiritual leaders were influenced by Muslim thinkers and preachers and started reforming campaigns across India. Ravi Shankar Acharya was the primary one that tried to get rid of the idolatry from the Indian society.

Vimala Angelina says during this regard: “The Arabs and therefore the Turks introduced the thought of theism to India. Worship was common among Hindus. The 3 Acharyas (scholarly teachers) specifically Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhavacharya accepted the concept of theism and vie a crucial role within the revival of Hinduism.”

Therefore, it will be aforementioned with full confidence that the concept of theism came to the minds of ​​Hindus through their contact with Muslim traders and preachers. This was the primary blessing of Islam and Muslims to Hindus. Islam was the elemental reason for the rousing of Hindu minds to ​​the theism.

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