Becoming a Muqarrab of Allah

It is attribute that if we have a tendency to do something we have a tendency to have to be compelled to get the most come on that, most reward on that. That’s why adolescents area unit craving for new opportunities of job so they ought to have most salaries and edges. It’s attributing. Everybody needs that no matter I ought I to be ready to get most profit.Now, we have a tendency to worship Supreme Being Subhanahu American state Ta’ala, what most profit we will get from Supreme Being swt?

Maybe somebody will suppose that I ought to become an individual whose duas area unit accepted. I ought to become an individual UN agency ought to have a highest rank within the paradise. However what’s the most return? Still the question is there.The answer is that the one that gets the shut proximity of Supreme Being swt, that’s known as qurb in Arabic. So, this is the most accomplishment that an individual will attain.

Thus then they came and that they asked a matter that if we’ll be the winner then what reward we’ll get from you?That if you may be the winner, then you may become my muqarrab, you may get shut proximity. thus {this is this is often this will be} the best reward what an individual can get that Supreme Being swt could embody his name within the list of His muqarrabeen.

This is another question that involves the mind. Thus there are units few steps that we’ve got to require. And these area unit similar to stairs. Each step of the support if we have a tendency to climb, we’ll endure the roof. Thus similar to that; if we wish to urge the qurb of Supreme Being swt, we’ll get to take some steps.To acquire data. As a result of somebody UN agency has no data is ignorant within the sight of Supreme Being swt.

And also the one that possesses data, he’s beloved servant of Supreme Being swt. Data could be a lightweight.That’s why RasulAllah (sws) placed stress on getting data that request data right from your cradle uptil your grave. Seeking data is obligatory on each man and lady UN agency is Muslim. Thus we must always get data. Data is very important.If you would like to travel to the destination and you don’t recognize the method, however you’ll be able to go there?

So the data is that the commencement. We must always recognize on what things Supreme Being swt is happy and on what actions he’s not happy. Then we’ll be ready to do all those things by that Supreme Being swt is happy. Thus to realize data is that the commencement.How we will deliver the goods knowledge? Then there’s one step that we’ve got to require.Adab means the person ought to be respectful to Supreme Being swt, to the Prophet, to elders, he ought to have adab. What’s adab?

Adab suggests that to be respectful. And its proof is in sacred text. once cervid (as), he saw a light-weight returning from a tree, he wished to travel there. Then he was ordered by Supreme Being swt to require off his shoes.That O Moosa (as)! You’re in a very sacred place thus starting off your shoes. Thus to require off the shoes whereas you’re at a sacred place – that’s known as adab.That’s why we have a tendency to create ton of adab of the house of prayer as a result of it’s the house of Supreme Being swt.

We have a tendency to ne’er enter into the house of prayer with our shoes. We have a tendency to ne’er bring animals within the house of prayer. We have a tendency to ne’er do any sin within the house of prayer.Because it’s got a respect, it’s the house of Supreme Being. That’s why to speak concerning the dunya is prohibited within the house of prayer. This all is termed adab. Therefore the one that needs to urge data the pre-requirement is that he ought to have adab.

If he won’t have adab he won’t get helpful data.Now let Pine Tree State make a case for that data is of 2 varieties.One in all them is simply info. You recognize lots however you don’t touch it. That’s solely piece of information’s. There is a unit so many numerous such a big amount of such a large amount of such lots of kuffar UN agency recognizes a lot concerning Islam, that’s not known as data, that’s info.

So currently he is aware of everything however once he chuck food then he feels a temptation in his body and he cannot resist himself and starts smoking. Currently he is aware of its dangerous, still he’s doing it. This can be an individual UN agency has data however he’s not acting upon it. Thus this can be a chunk of knowledge, it’s not known as data. That’s why in sacred text Supreme Being swt has said:

Afa ra’aita mun ittakhadha ilahahu hawa American state a’dalAllahu ala ilmAnd Supreme Being took him off from the correct path as a result of he had simply info, not correct data. Thus to possess a helpful data then we must always have adab in our life. RasulAllah (sws), he told thatThat Supreme Being swt, He educated Pine Tree State what area unit etiquettes what’s adab. Associate He educated Pine Tree State the simplest etiquettes. Thus adab in Islam is incredibly vital.

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