Aborigine, Invaders and Indianization – Part 1

Why two set of laws, rules and Patriotic themes are followed that is one for the aborigine and other for the Settlers on the Soil of Mother India (SOMI). The similar Tribulations of Conflict of Allegiance, Devotion and Submission (TOCADS) are being faced by all the Nations all over the world, where Muslims had invaded and settled. However, internal unrest and disturbances are negligible where Muslims are ruling like Malaysia, Indonesia, but where the fundamentalists are not in power; the terrorism has become a way for life for the aborigine of other faiths such as India, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Jordan and other.

The universal brotherhood approach of second Prophet Abu Bakr and later fourth Caliph Hazrat Ali for Shia Muslims, the International terrorism has become a perennial challenge for the world. During my survey, I have observed that these people are not willing to accommodate and cohabitate with natives such as Philippine, Russia, Ethiopia and other. While drafting the Constitution of India, Sri BR Ambedkar had assured Indians that India would remain a Secular Nation. Really speaking, India is maintaining her secular character even today. However, the new breed of politicians and fundamentalists is determined to make future India extremist.

The readers would agree that While Muslim fundamentalists are raising objection to every issue which is linked with glorification of the Nation, the other hardcore elements learn quran online free of different religion are trying to divide such Nations. Often, it is noted that a selected group of minority community would begin raising objections in the name of religion and the entire community supports silently.

Infact, every issue which nationalists are raising, the Minority clergy links it with religion and Allah. The natives feel that the Minority fundamentalists have formulated a new way of taming Indian patriotic thoughts. Why two sets of law,  rule and patriotic theme are followed; that is one for the aborigine, and the other for Settlers. Though. the SOMI had absorbed every invader, but the settlers had always created feelings of being alien to the aborigine?

India is the second largest Muslim predominant populated Nation; but most of the times Native Indians feel that a large part of Indian minority community behaves estranged on one or the other pretext whenever an issue concerning native Hindus or Muslims is raised in world over.

The atrocities against Hindus and other religious communities in Malaysia is their internal matter, but the similar problem of Muslims in any country is the Universal Brotherhood Approach (UBA). The destruction of over 90 Hindu temples in Malaysia is none’s concern.

The Malaysian Government is not only suppressing equal right activist’s movement, but also trying to Islamize the nation. While Hindus and other religious communities Places of Worships (PoW) are being razed on one side, the numerous equal right activists are tried for treason. The people demanding equal rights are facing Islamic Government’s wrath. Readers would have to analyze and find an answer of this problem of TOCADS both Muslims and Aborigine, as to why do a common Indian always believe that Minority community is using religion to avoid patriotic songs.

Let us debate a few Why?

One; why fundamentalists are always linking Islamic religions with every Issue?

Two; why fundamentalists are using Islam to gain political identity?

Three; why Indian Muslims are not using Islam to defend SOMI as in case of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia and many other Islamic countries?

Four; Despite of India being a Secular Nation, why the fundamentalists resolve to violence in India as and when anything happens in the world against Muslims?

Five; why should Indian Muslims issue Fatwa of death to cartoonist and not MF Hussein for blasphemy?

Though no one can find answers to the above questions; but certainly readers can analyze the Future Course of Fundamentalists Action (FCFA) towards Natives in all the Nations.

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