A Factual Look at Terrorism and Islam

Terrorism is once innocent individuals square measure specifically targeted to instill concern during a population. It’s unconditionally prohibited in Islam. This era of our history has been blemished by indiscriminate violence in virtually each society.  The loss of innocent life has become extraordinarily commonplace. sadly, owing to the actions of some ignorant Muslims in addition as biased coverage within the media, the faith of Islam has come back to be related to act of terrorism. However, the suitable question to be asked is: “Do Muslim teachings promote terrorism?

As a matter of truth, Islam and act of terrorism square measure precise opposites; the terribly name, Islam, denotes peace and submission. The basics of Islam direct its followers to take care of and promote peace throughout the planet. Islam could be a religion of moderation; so a righteous associate degreed religious Muslim will neither be a fanatic nor an extremist. There’s no association whatever between Islam and also the violence practiced by terrorist teams in numerous components of the planet.

In no approach will it excuse hijackings, captive taking, and also the torture and killing of innocent individuals so as to attain specific goals.The Muslim basis for national and peacekeeping is peace instead of war. Outstanding Muslims, Muslim organizations, and Muslim students have repeatedly denounced terrorist attacks and act of terrorism generally.  Islam unquestionably prohibits and disassociates itself from the violent acts that are dole out by a number of its members within the name of faith.

All religions and ideologies have some misguided followers, and it’s sure unfair to evaluate anybody of them by the behavior of such individuals. Consequently, Islam shouldn’t be judged by the acts of misguided Muslims or maybe by the plain corruption that permeates several Muslim countries.  For in truth, what Islam teaches is one issue and what these supposed Muslims follow are a few things else. The sole thanks to understand the reality concerning Islam is to review its teachings.

Every time associate degree act of terror or shooting happens, Muslims closely watch the news with extreme apprehension praying that the suspect isn’t Muslim. This is often not as a result of these terrorists square measure seemingly to be Muslim however rather as a result of within the instances wherever they happen to be, we tend to see amplified mass media coverage and extreme unwarranted hate towards Muslims.

As a Muslim, I’m uninterested in incentive terrorist attacks being dole out by inherently violent folks that hijack my faith. I’m uninterested in incentive these attacks to folks that square measure calm and apathetic once Muslims square measure killed by these same radicalized terrorists.I am uninterested in hearing the word “terrorist” not getting used once the suspect during a surprise attack could be a non-Muslim.

I’m uninterested in the “mentally disabled” excuse being recycled once the suspect during a surprise attack could be a Caucasian. I’m uninterested in seeing many surprise attacks dole out by non-Muslims not get an equivalent coverage of even one terrorist attack wherever the suspect happens to be Muslim.Above it all, I’m uninterested in having to repeatedly say that Muslims aren’t terrorists. It’s time we tend to silence this bias with facts. My next 5 points can prove once and for all that Muslims aren’t terrorists:

1:Non-Muslims form up the bulk of terrorists within the United States: consistent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ninety four of terrorist attacks dole out within the bus from 1980 to 2005 are by non-Muslims. This implies that associate degree yank terrorist suspect is over nine fold additional seemingly to be a non-Muslim than a Muslim. Consistent with this same report, there have been additional mortal acts of act of terrorism within the us than Muslim.

However once was the last time we tend to detected concerning the threat of mortal act of terrorism within the media? For an equivalent actual reasons that we tend to cannot blame the complete faith of Judaism or Christianity for the violent actions of these polishing off crimes underneath the names of those religions, we’ve got fully no excusable grounds responsible Muslims for act of terrorism.

2:Non-Muslims form up the bulk of terrorists in Europe: There are over one thousand terrorist attacks in Europe within the past 5 years. Take a guess at what pace of these terrorists were Muslim. Wrong, currently guess once more. It’s but two.

3:Though all terrorist attacks were dole out by Muslims, you continue to couldn’t associate act of terrorism with Islam: There are one hundred forty, 000 terror attacks committed worldwide since 1970. Though Muslims dole out all of those attacks (which is associate degree absurd assumption given the actual fact mentioned in my 1st point), those terrorists would represent but zero.00009 pace of all Muslims.

4:If all Muslims square measure terrorists, then all Muslims square measure peacemakers: an equivalent applied math assumptions getting used to incorrectly portray Muslims as violent individuals are often used additional accurately to portray Muslims as peaceful individuals. If all Muslims square measure terrorists as a result of one digit proportion of terrorists happen to be Muslim.

5:If you’re afraid of Muslims then you ought to even be afraid of house article of furniture and toddlers: A study dole out by the University of North Carolina showed that but zero.0002% of American citizens killed since 9/11 were killed by Muslims. (Ironically, this study was worn out Chapel Hill: an equivalent place wherever a Caucasian non-Muslim killed 3 innocent Muslims because the thought media brushed this surprise attack off as a parking dispute).

Supported these numbers, and people of the buyer Product Safety Commission, the common yank is additional seemingly to be crushed to death by their couch or TV than they’re to be killed by a Muslim. As a matter of truth, Americans were additional seemingly to be killed by a yearling in 2013 than they were by a supposed “Muslim terrorist”.

When a drunk driver causes an automobile accident, we tend to ne’er blame the maker for the violent actions of that driver. this is often as a result of we tend to perceive that we tend to cannot blame a complete auto company that produces immeasurable safe vehicles simply because one in every of their cars was hijacked by a reckless one who used it to cause damage. Therefore what right can we got to blame a complete faith of over one.6 Billion peaceful individuals owing to the actions of a comparatively insignificant few?

I will not deny that act of terrorism could be a real threat, it undoubtedly is. However, it’s extraordinarily incorrect to associate the words “Muslim” and “terrorist” once virtually all the facts plead you to try and do otherwise. The sole approach that we tend to as Americans will defeat act of terrorism reception and across the planet is by accurately targeting its root causes.

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