March 21, 2017

About US

Sout-ul-Quran is an admirable online learning source for all the new comers in Islam and other Muslim children who want to learn Quran from all over the world. Sout-ul-Quran is not shared group, Islamic partisan organization, or Masjid.

We devote their Sanctuary services 24 hours a day 7 days a week at any time you need. We have highly qualified both male and female Quran instructors and no need for web cams so females and kids can easily Read Quran as audio classes safely from the comfort of their homes. We charge lowest possible fee from our students.

Female instructors are recommended only for the sisters and daughters. We provide the finest chance to the learners to learn Quran with the suitability of their time. As compared with other online Quran academies we are well-known for the reliability and flexibility.